About Us Right Now
What is Vlare?
Vlare is the #1 place to be at if you want a friendly environment in which you can both watch/share videos and also socialize with new and old friends with our unique social features.
Our focus is to make this video-sharing-platform as unique as it could possibly be.
We also believe in an equal chance to get seen regardless if you're a liberal, republican, christian, atheist, muslim or jew.
Want to know more?
The most interesting statistics are publicly viewable on our Statistics Page and if that's not enough, get in contact with the admins directly through Discord and ask them directly.
About Our History

What a start

My first ever Web-Project and programming-test turned out to be the unreleased website "ClipBits". It somewhat resembled one of the first YouTube layouts but mostly didn't due to my inexperience.
Everything was functional but obviously not very well done. Still. It was a pretty nice accomplishment considering I only started programming a few months before it. It's also very nostalgic to me...

The Life and Death of ClipBits

As quickly as ClipBits lived, it also died. In the course of its 1 month long development it turned from a badly programmed YouTube clone to a somewhat less badly programmed MyVideo clone. Unfortunately even though it was very close to be released, my computer crashed and I pretty much lost the whole site which not only killed ClipBits but also my motivation for the next few months... But...

Finally it became a reality

My first released website VidBit got finally released after my long break of programming due to the bad experiences explained above. Initial development happened around December and then again in February-March. Many people call it the best they've had in this community and while I can't agree on it, I understand where they're coming from.
It shutdown on the 24th due to possible lawsuits, attacks on the website and just a general disinterests of me in babysitting 50 year olds.

The Futureā„¢ is now

After a few people tried and failed to create a site based on the legacy of VidBit, the community became very desperate for a real successor to VidBit. After a bit of convincing and me finally being motivated again, I released the alpha version of VidBit (due to me not being able to use the orignal one because of licensing) but had to rename it to "VidLii" shortly after.
Even if it had a bunch of bad times during its life, it beat the odds and the people that said it would shutdown quickly, and is still online today.