About Us Right Now
What is Vlare?
Vlare is a video-sharing-centric social website, basically meaning "a video sharing website with social features". When it came to designing Vlare, we decided that we would focus on implementing features not found on other video sharing websites, and that's exactly what we did.

We focus on offering fair treatment for all, including (but not limited to) fair placement in the recommended and trending tabs, and fair moderation practices.
Want to know more?
The most interesting statistics are publicly viewable on our Statistics Page and if that's not enough, get in contact with the admins directly through Discord and ask them directly.
About Our History

There's a first time for everything

Jän's first time programming turned out to be the unreleased website named "ClipBits". It somewhat resembled the first YouTube layout, but due to being inexperienced, it really didn't. Everything was functional, but not very well done. Still, It was a pretty nice accomplishment for someone who'd been programming for only a couple of months previous to the site's inception.

The Life and Death of ClipBits

In the course of ClipBit's 1 month long development, it turned from a badly programmed YouTube clone, to a somewhat less badly programmed MyVideo clone. Unfortunately, even though it was very close to its release, A hard drive failiure occurred, and the whole site was pretty much lost. That failiure killed not only ClipBits, but Jän's motivation for the next few months... But...

Finally it became a reality

Jän's first released website VidBit was finally released after a long break from programming, due to the bad experience with ClipBits. Development began around December 2015, and continued until March. It shutdown on 24 October, 2015 due to possible lawsuits, attacks on the website, and just a general distaste of babysitting 50 year olds.

The Future™ is now

After a few people failed to create a site based on the legacy of VidBit, the community became desperate for a real successor to VidBit. After a bit of convincing, and Jän finally being motivated again, Jän released the alpha version of VidBit but had to rename it to "VidLii" shortly after due to potential legal issues. Even if VidLii has had a bunch of bad times during its life, it beat the odds, and lives on today, even if it's a shell of what it once was. Then enters....

A treat

Vanillo began in early december as a response to a lack of good, viable video sharing platforms. The project was started by Sudeurion, and Aaron, quickly adding Blake. The site started development strong, but would very quickly enter development hell for several months. However...

A long journey

During the over 1 year development time, Vanillo went through 3 different versions, each one looking and functioning different. During this time, Vanillo gained, lost, and regained a cult following, some even going so far as to buy merchandise before the site released. Vanillo also went through various developers, changing hands from Cosmic Media to Plutonium Digital (A team that Sudeurion ran independently at the time), to Panic Mode Development, which was effectively the Vanillo equivilent of a worker's union. These events were a major red flag for what was to inevitably come...

A christmas gift

The Vanillo team had promised to release by the end of the year, and planned their release for 25 December, 2018. After a week of tiring work to try and get the site as well done as possible, some staff members staying up for 56 hours straight to finish programming some features, and deal with the PR wave, the site released- terribly. But after the rough launch, everything went well, for a few days anyway. 4 major problems began to start showing through the cracks, one of which would lead to the fate of the site.

A crumbling foundation

After Mumkey Jones shouted Vanillo out (which caused it to blow up on the spot), small problems became immediately obvious. The problems were as follows: The uploader was unstable, The database calls were not efficient, The CDN had a memory leak, Considering the site was already an under alpha quality experience, lacking any and all features except for the most basic functionality, the only thing it had going for it was its PR, Marketing, and the experience of it's already completed features. Due to the 3 issues mentioned, the site was found to be incredibly unstable. Eventually, the database issues were improved, though not fixed thanks to some help from DKH, the former Vid.Me core engineer. The CDN memorly leak was also fixed. However, the nail in the coffin was the uploader, which had a 50% failiure rate.

The end of an era

Due to various problems, including funding (no surprise there). Vanillo finally shut down on May 11, 2019. After Vanillo, Sudeurion looked for another promising project. After an application to Vlare via a VidLii DM, history was made (too dramatic?).


That brings us to today. Vlare- a happy balance of features and technology (and rapidly improving).