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Jan 22, 2020

it's simple ladies and gentlemen, let's all make quality content ONLY ON VLARE, why? 

if we make amazing content only here, we can attract more people to the website, but if we just reload our videos from youtube  here, a user will be like " why should I watch this video on this unknown website (vlare), .... because it's on youtube"

so I bealive this is the only way, make quality content on and only on vlare.

Thank you for reading.


Hi, this is my first time writing a Blog post and it has come to my attention that no update or word about Coppa to YouTube has been talked with with the community since we entered 2020. So I wonder to the people who still use YouTube if the new rule has truly passed and how you find YouTube now. Also I noticed something about Vlare Premium, last day's when i logged in it was at 50% and now logging in i find it lower than it previously was. At 7%, i have to wonder what is happening, also some channels have been suspended or something, well i don't know, trying to enter to some channels i have discovered they have been removed or something, i am still new to vlare even though i made this channel possibly on November. I wonder how some people are doing with Vlare.TV. I would certainly want to somewhat help with this site if possible.... Anyway have a nice day, whoever reads this.

_ D A N I E L _
_ D A N I E L _
Dec 29, 2019

This is Daniel here and this is my very first time making a blog post but anyway I'm super excited to hear that Vlare will be making a Livestream feature and that's super awesome to hear I'm also hoping Vlare makes an app so I can stream on mobile since that's my easy way to stream!

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My best advice is to just take care of yourself. I've been there before when life got in the way of content. Plus also if you have free time (meaning no homework from classes, or no shifts of that day, or going out with friends and family...still have to have some sort of offline social life) you can record videos. Though, if you're doing speed paints, you may well need to find some time to draw, and edit down that video.
That's because Vlare had a problem with people mass uploading hudreds of videos a day. They had to do so to put zero stress on the system. Also play within the rules, so you won't get tagged. This site isn't like BitChute that's the wild west.
Then don't spam.
Hala Jana
Hala Jana·
There's nothing you can't do.
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Jan 27, 2020

I have more comment response videos that I am unable to upload because VLARE has limited me to 10 videos in a day and VLARE uses a garbage time zone I have seen the response videos to me as well as comments on my response videos I will make response videos to all of these as soon as I can upload again

Jan 26, 2020

It was two years ago. Not long before I had scoffed at conspiracies..

Later on though when I asked God for truth things began falling into place and I could no longer ignore and scoff at them

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

I looked down at my Bible and the Mandela Effect registered for the first time

While I researched the Mandela Effect endlessly, I was also still playing games here and there

Undertale was a game I was playing at the time and I began seeing subliminals about the Mandela Effect for the first time while playing through it

That was not enough to get me to fully look at the other conspiracies. It just seemed odd and was part of the puzzle

When I found info on CERN, I remembered one of those “crazy conspiracy theorist’s” I’d met previously had been speaking of CERN and I remember I had brushed it off

Now though I wasn’t so sure. And I began to hop down the rabbit hole towards some of the other conspiracies 

When I re-met up with California Nightmare on Discord I apologized to him for making fun of the conspiracies he’d been talking about and told him of the Mandela Effect 

He was one of the first people who actually believed me about it and remembered some of the verses the way that I had as well even though we didn’t agree upon every Mandela Effect. He sent me some videos on Illuminati symbolism to help me wake up further and videos on more accurate history than what I was taught. It was a hard pill to swallow at first. But I could see how these things were true by then

As I hopped down the rabbit holes games were put up on the shelf and eventually gotten rid of in favor of searching for the truth. With games out of the way there was nothing left to suppress spiritual sensitivity so things have continued increasing for me ever since that day. The more I saw the more it upset others. But at this point I’m willing to accept God’s design plan. 

I don’t need to fit in if God actually created me to stand out from the crowd

I swore off most entertainment as a whole, only ever watching any to dissect it

Notable movies I have watched since swearing off most entertainment are The Matrix and They Live

The Matrix has some truth to it, but They Live is a lot more on the nose.

 These movies are talked about often among the truther community and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I watched each once and placed them back on their respective shelves.

 They’re useful for waking up but after that since I don’t watch that much entertainment anymore I don’t need to see them a second time.

Once you see the subliminals you never stop seeing them

When you see the symbolism you can’t go back to sleep. Symbols rule the world

I’ve given up trying to wake people up by now, however

I share the information I learn with people as I find it because the rabbit hole never ends

If people get it, they get it. If they don’t, they don’t 

It’s not worth a grand debate. No amount of arguing changes anyone’s minds

~Twinkles the Kitten 

Jan 21, 2020

i saw that this is so many bots in my discord server o.o