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Jan 12, 2020

We did it boi's!!!! 

Thanks to all of my fans and subscribers, I was able to reach over 100 views on my first video, and get it on trending and most watched of today! And I only started this Vlare channel a few weeks ago! It has be such a jouney coming to Vlare, and growing this channel couldn't have been possible without you guys! Your the best!

Jan 25, 2020

Ok so my friend Charile started his own plush channel on Vlare.Tv. It's a Jungle Book plush channel that dose funny skits with the toys. You should follow it, nd get him to trending guys. I love helping plush channels get on trending, so lets do it!

Here the link to JungleBookCharlie: https://vlare.tv/u/PouJECWf

Nov 26, 2019

Hi Flare.


I like content.

It's special for our eyes.

To be entertained.

It's wonderful.

I wonder if I can see Minecraft animations content.

I wonder if I can see FNAF content.

I wonder if I can see MEME animations content.

I wonder if I can see some dude running out naked content.

Naked while jumping on a pony and riding on it.

Riding on the pony until it starts flying up in the sky screaming in happiness.

As children look up in the sky, parents will now know that the lives of children will be scarred for life.

And it will make the naked man happy.

Such a happy, crazy, naked man.


Is that content going to break the guidelines?

Are we going to be in trouble?

Will I get fined $42K?


I don't know.



All I want to see is content, good content.

Content that can make me fly.

Fly naked.

Like who doesn't want to fly naked?

It's a common thing to do in real life, right?

It makes sense, right?

Hope I can fly.

Fly to the sky.

Like Vlare's rise to the top.

Rise Vlare. Rise.

Fly away.

Rise and fly.

Don't die.

Just rise as I look at the stars at the sky while farting.

Farting towards the sky.



this is my first blog, boys and girls!

Chaos Beam
Chaos Beam
Nov 24, 2019

The Problem.
Everyone has been having issues with Vlare's video converter lately.
Basically when someone uploads a video it will be stuck converting (or "processing") the video.
I don't want to deal with this problem, and so I decided not to upload a video this week either.
This means that I will try to upload something for next week!
(the 30th or 1st)

More complications...

Speaking of next week, I will be busy for the next two weeks so I'm sorry if I become a little inactive on Vlare and the Vlare discord .
This could potentially mean that I can't upload next week or the week after.
This would be 4 weeks of me not uploading, and I feel awful about it.
Thank you for your support last week, It meant the world to me, however if you are getting tired of me not uploading I understand.
I assure you I will still read all your comments and I wish you a great next two weeks.
Ci vediamo.

Chaos Beam
Chaos Beam
Nov 18, 2019

I'm sorry...
I try to make a video for every Saturday and give you all fun content to watch.
However this week has been very tiring for me, and life hasn't been the kindest to me lately.
Because of this I couldn't upload a video this week, and I feel horrible for it.
I'm so sorry, I hope that you can forgive me for being inconsistent.

I will try my hardest to release a video next Saturday.


Anyways I welcome everyone new to Vlare!
There has been a massive Influx of users lately and I hope you can all have a fun time here on this site!

Dec 02, 2019

How do you make yourself controversial in a Vlare blog?

Do you say outright horrible stuff in order to break those laws?

Do you get yourself banned in order to make a statement?

Or just say, screw it, I'ma do it, and post yourself naked?

Do you have to cuss and say you hate a certain type of group?

Or just picture yourself with a gun with a shoe that you pooped?

Or maybe set your blog to "has mature contents"?

So no one can know what you said unless you press the tab on it?

What makes it so controversial to say outright stupid shit?

In order to make yourself well known as an asshole that isn't wit.

All it be known to a future very uncertain.

To people who don't give a fuck and in the next day cry behind a shower curtain.

It's sad, don't you think, that it's a cruel world out there?

Anyways, I'ma play Minecraft right now while I'll laugh my ass off in this chair.

Henrys Cat
Henrys Cat
Feb 21, 2020

Me-ow hello everyone, I am Henrys Cat, I am an old BBC cartoon character from the 1980s created by Bob Godfrey. I am happy to announce I am on Vlare for any old fan of cartoons to watch! Join me with my friends Chris Rabbit, Douglas dog, Philippe Frog, Denise Duck and more for some exciting adventures. Make sure to bring me some food first I am starving!

Dec 08, 2019

Heya, it's me MagicalMysticVA! Missed me? Yeahhh, I was banned for a day, but now I'm back, thanks to some nice mods clarifying things for me! Sorry anyone who doesn't like my content. Mystic isn't going anywhere anytime soon XD My content is safe as long as it is marked as Mature.

Nov 27, 2019

So i'm starting up a new gaming channel on the side. I mostly enjoy puzzle, strategy, and rp games. I'm considering to do daily uploads, but i'm gonna have to see how the workload balances with my main channel and college work. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for any fun or engaging games?

thanks guys ~