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(minor language warning) Welcome to the World of LPI's Vlare Account!
Lachlan MC Magee (P2WL)
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(in order to understand the context of this post, please go to my account, as I'm guessing this is a backup for Community Tabs - https://vlare.tv/u/yLU75aiQ)

Welp, folks... I'm here to stay... hopefully.

I've been making YouTube Poops for I think over a year now, and finally, just when YouTube has gone shit, I find this. I have actually started seriously LOVING this site, and really do hope you can stick around too.

For 2019-12-01, I must say, we may have a chance here.

To our wonderful admins, cofounders and especially our YTP Community, welcome to the VLP community too.

Hopefully we can all learn to stick around!

let the community tab posting begin too lol

Lachlan MC Magee

A POE, TWO, WEP and LPI Company

Lachlan MC Magee (P2WL)
Lachlan MC Magee (P2WL)·
@Arkino understandable but I'm bad enough anyway lol
Pretty sure cursing is allowed here, i dont think you need to add a language warning.

if im wrong this is gonna look bad
Lachlan MC Magee (P2WL)
Lachlan MC Magee (P2WL)·
by the way, I do hope they allow jokingly-r34 pfps for humor