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Now that we've moved into a new era where Vlare will hopefully prosper as YouTube somehow manages to continue sinking lower, I'd like to mention a few creators who have made (and/or will make) some really cool retro tech-related videos you can expect to see on Vlare.

TheOneGoofAli: A friend of mine who's already done some very cool things with Windows NT 4.0 Server in a series called "Windows NT Shenanigans". He's getting a new capture card soon, so you'll get to see crystal clear recordings of whatever he plans to do next on real hardware!

Blue Horizon: While this person hasn't made any tech videos yet, he has done A LOT behind the scenes to document many prerelease builds of Windows. His most recent review project happens to cover Memphis (the Windows 98 beta), and had it not been for his discovery of gradient title bars in build 1387, Windows 95D would've never been made. He plans to make a video of the Dell Dimension XPS D300 I'm sending to him later this month, and I plan to bring his documentation efforts along with my own to a much more publicly accessible outlet; a Vlare subchannel, so to speak.

3Dfx_Aslinger: Currently, this channel is only a visitor because Vlare REALLY needs to implement 60fps video support soon, but he has a bountiful of videos on YouTube displaying a wide range of 3dfx Voodoo accelerators in action on old hardware, including the mythical Voodoo5 6000. For the 3dfx enthusiast, this is the channel to go to, and I really look forward to seeing more 3dfx videos on Vlare.

Tonko301: Posts a variety of videos, including recordings of old computers. He has a large hoarding of old hardware like I do, and makes old-style VHS tapes here and there using real VCRs, including one that dates back to the late 70's. Some of the ways he creates organic VHS grain and distortion are insanely creative; his most recent one made use of a freezer to gradually drown the entire video output!

ktg5: Recently, this guy started his own spinoff of the Hardcore Windows videos I've made over the years, covering the often overlooked Windows NT Terminal Server Edition. It's not "a complete copy" of my series as he says it is; for one, it has actual voice commentary as opposed to annotations which I used to provide silent commentary. Running TSE on a newer system certainly is an intriguing adventure, and I'd like to see where it goes next.

The technology community on Vlare is still very small, so keep bringing everyone you can over here to help this site grow with a more balanced variety of content. I'm hoping Vlare will become the place to go for people who struggle to find good tech videos or get their own out there.

As for me, I'm still waiting around for that 60fps support as always, and renewed my premium subscription last month in the hopes of expediting it. Once it becomes available, I plan to gradually reupload the rest of the videos from my YouTube channel over here, and already have a new idea for an ambitious project that makes use of 37 different hardware configurations. I don't know when that will be finished, but you'll see what it's about as soon as it's released - mind you, on Vlare FIRST!

Also, Vlare staff: please allow more email domains for those who are diametrically opposed to Google and other large tech companies.

Thanks! Important update on April 2020: Now with 60 fps support for Premium users and Partners.
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