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The Updated News on YouTube, What Happened With all the Coppa Talk and Shocked at Vlare's Plunge $
Banjo-Kazooie Normie Glitcher
I like and enjoy video-games, and i might as well give them a try before i die of old age or some age related stuff. I played a variety though the ones i will be uploading are Rare games from the Rare company. I might also blog from time to time in the areas i've been so who knows.

Hi, this is my first time writing a Blog post and it has come to my attention that no update or word about Coppa to YouTube has been talked with with the community since we entered 2020. So I wonder to the people who still use YouTube if the new rule has truly passed and how you find YouTube now. Also I noticed something about Vlare Premium, last day's when i logged in it was at 50% and now logging in i find it lower than it previously was. At 7%, i have to wonder what is happening, also some channels have been suspended or something, well i don't know, trying to enter to some channels i have discovered they have been removed or something, i am still new to vlare even though i made this channel possibly on November. I wonder how some people are doing with Vlare.TV. I would certainly want to somewhat help with this site if possible.... Anyway have a nice day, whoever reads this.

Dave and Rodney discussions
I am not done with youtube yet, but will be cross posting videos on Youtube, Vlare and BitChute. But youtube has been around so long, and you things like if you sat down to watch all the videos uploaded to youtube in a day, it would take yo 4 years at 12 hours a day, watching videos all day to watch that days uploads. The servers, on which the content on youtube sit, probably sit on servers, that if they were to be put in the same place, they would cover all of Texas and New Mexico.
Well in all fairness to the Vlare premium plummet, we are in the middle of a pandemic. People are out of work. Keeping yourself fed and a roof over your head is your top priority
I mean, literally a clip from fucking MIDNIGHT GOSPEL has been disabled with comments and now on Youtube Kids, for it's colorful and friendly artstyle. (The Midnight Gospel - Rated TV-MA)
Banjo-Kazooie Normie Glitcher
VKellot Well that would make sense, point being most people possibly have gone past beyond the point of COPPA, plus i see very little of it's effect so far other than very few videos still explaining what would happened when YouTube does it manually for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riKMcbtfnWE
I didn't moved from YouTube cuz of coppa but I moved here cuz of all of their stupid rules and demonized
YouTube is getting worse year by a year and it has so many annoying kids asks for likes or subscribers and they don't make ads good?*(like when I watch a gaming video you should give me a gaming ad, and youtube don't do that) and the worst is the copyright system, youtube in others countries is not like youtube USA, like in the Arabic youtube, there are a companies like diwan and alfan give people copyright if they talked about stupid things people do(and most of them are in diwan cuz they are so dumb and cringy) and idk how they copyrighted them and they should can't cuz what they do is in the 'fair use' and there are countries have that problem too.
Okay there's nothing to worry about off we the community update and actually behave ourselves (I saw something messed up the other day, and it was just bad). Anyhow, I am thinking through what I want to do in terms of content, because I've played that game before and lost on YouTube. Plus, I was forced to do original content here instead because I just wasn't going to allow for YouTube to mess me up further than it already did. But yes, we the community are Vlare, and Vlare is the community. We have to keep at it.
I'm going to be honest, this is not good for vlare. FIRST OFF, the ONLY reason people where joining vlare is cause people where scared of their channel being deleted! That opens the gate for not only content that is far from good, but content that was REUPLOADED FROM YOUTUBE! And I joined at a very early part of vlare, July 2019. So I think of this as sad and is hurting vlare.
All the money from Vlare premium goes directly towards upgrading and expanding the servers btw
I moved here from YouTube specifically because of COPPA, but also because I heard this was the best alternative. I'm likely gonna stay here, though, since I doubt YouTube will ever get its act together (at least under its current leadership).