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I love this site! :)
Just recently moved here from YouTube because of COPPA (what a big mistake they made there). Honestly, I am enjoying this site more than I ever did YouTube.

Hey, everyone! This is my first time writing a blog post. Recently, I moved here to Vlare from YouTube, because it kept coming up in my head as a good alternative, especially with what's going on over at YouTube with their new rules and COPPA and such. And I am glad that I did.

I have only been using Vlare for some time today, and I am already enjoying it. My favorite part is the channel customization. With channel customization, here you get a far greater degree of options than YouTube. You can change not just the background and profile pic, but also the colors on your channel page. It almost feels like being back on YouTube during the old days (circa 2008-2010), which is honestly a good feeling.

I'm proud to be here on Vlare now, and I have no intention of going back to YouTube. I plan to start posting videos on here soon.

Good to hear you are enjoying Vlare! I have always been here for a month and I do enjoy this site as well. Hope you do well here and maybe I'll see you around. :D <3