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What type of content would u like to see in my channel?
Hello you! My name is SpicyRaider! I'm an animator/voice actor/artist! On this channel i'll post story time animatics, animated shorts, and whatever i happen to create on my free time :D VVV Follow me here too VVV -Twitter: https://twitter.com/Spicy_Raider Thank you for stopping by! TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT ME PLEASE ;D

Hello everyone! What kind of content would u like to see from my channel? (Apart from the animateds of course xD).

I was thinking that writing, recording, and animating my videos takes a little more time than i'd want (with college and what not xP). So i thought that maybe if i had another type of video series it'd be better for u guys xD

Anyways, let me know what u think :D I really appreciate u guys watching my videos, it makes me really happy that u guys enjoy what i make :)

The Animated content is what you do best, & what gets you the most views, But for other content? Um, maybe a series were you play different fan games for a particular series? For example are is a Ton, & I mean A TON, of Really Good & high quality Sonic Fan games of all types out there!! As well as bad ones of course. but if ya boi Sonci Ain't your cup of tea, anything else out there that has a large fan following should have some good fan games out there. Ex. Pokemon, DragonBall, Mario, Spyro, Crash, etc.
i dont know maybe try gaming content