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I make poops. Like, video poops, not the literal kind. I mean, I do make literal poop... look, I take episodes of Spongebob and ruin them with memes and garbage. Make sense? Fantastic. Formally a YouTube channel, but I migrated here because YouTube sucks butt now.

I'm brand new to Vlare, I migrated here from YouTube like many others are doing now. This place looks really promising, more promising than I had expected. I'm happy I found a place where I can upload videos and talk with the community in peace.

I also wanted to thank everyone who followed me over from YouTube and is continuing to stick with me despite the big change. I'm grateful to have you guys, and I'm gonna keep making content for you as long as I can!

No, thank YOU for showing us this site. This place is honestly sick, and I would have never heard of it without you linking it.