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Yelling at God
Hello there I’m Twinkles the Kitten. I’m a Mandela Effected spiritually inclined Christian. Welcome to my page I reject the corrupt church system but love Jesus and still follow him regardless

Yesterday virtually everyone in the house was in a bad mood. My parents were taking it out on me and I was taking it out on them

Shortly before mom got home, Cookie had another seizure. Mom yelled at me when she got home and I yelled at her back. Dad came home and I was yelled at some more

And at some point during all the yelling and screaming mom told me it’s my fault that Cookie still has seizures

When they left the room I started yelling at God demanding to know why no matter how much I pray about it Cookie still isn’t healed of her ailments. He showed up and I sensed concern coming from him as he just listened without even saying anything.

I yelled at him about my other problems as well for probably about an hour before I was able to calm down. I could tell God cared about me as his presence remained in the room until I was completely finished yelling about all the various things that hurt. 

~Twinkles the Kitten 

It wasn’t.
Imagine if that wasn't a hallucination
It is as though they are not the same people I grew up with these days a lot of the time. Ever since I became Mandela Effected people have been behaving in strange manners, differently than how I know them to act
Honestly, I wish I can give you a cuddle non-virtually.
I hope to God things will be better for you. You are not the reason Cookie has seizures.
Sending love <3