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What emotes would u like to see for my channel?
Hello you! My name is SpicyRaider! I'm an animator/voice actor/artist! On this channel i'll post story time animatics, animated shorts, and whatever i happen to create on my free time :D VVV Follow me here too VVV -Twitter: https://twitter.com/Spicy_Raider Thank you for stopping by! TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT ME PLEASE ;D

I'm thinking of designing a bunch of emotes and i was wondering if u guys had any requests.

Thank you guys :D

Idk, just some goofy little faces of your avatar or something lol. I can't think of any I'd want in particular yet, but probably some ones from your videos would be a good place to start! And it's be easier as you'd be recycling stuff from videos, instead of drawing brand new avatar heads for just channel emotes lol.