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I just recently got creeped out by my laptop
Here on my channel, you'll see a lot of gaming content. I do allow requests for my videos as well. Now, if you were on YouTube and you were subscribed to someone known as The Gaming Raven, I'll have you know that was me. For those of you that don't know me, I'll obviously make a video telling you about myself. Please note that I'm an ex-YouTuber. #WokketButter

I know you're probably going to tell me that I'm lying to you. But, I promise you that I'm not lying.

At the very least, please, hear me out. All I was doing was livestreaming a gameplay on YouTube, minding my own business.

Some point, during the livestream, I hear mysterious voices directly coming from my laptop. I couldn't make out all of it.

The most I could make out was a sentence, saying: "Lets just do what he says." Later on, after the livestream, I heard a voice say an unknown word, but after the mysterious first word, I heard the word: "everyone."

I recently looked up what I SHOULD do if I hear voices coming from my laptop. The top possibilities were that I need to get some help because I'm losing it and that it could just be a virus.

As far as I know, I haven't gone that insane yet and even if I did, someone would've spoke up about it. Meaning, it'd be a virus on my laptop.

I scanned for threats and viruses on my laptop, but turned up empty-handed. Since that's happened, I don't know if it's my laptop or myself.

If there is a virus on my laptop, it must be good at hiding within my laptop's systems to the point where it can't be found at all and if it was me, I would've gotten help sooner.

I don't know which possibility it is because of the results that turned up on my end.

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Lps East Side
Lps East Side·
hey, siri how do you stop creepy voices from talking inside of a computer
Shibe TV
Shibe TV·
jesus christ nowe i just wanted to look at it but it immediately downloaded it big spook
I don’t think you’re crazy.
that's your fbi agent
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