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People saying Vlare gonna end and other stuff
EN: A 17 year old Portuguese guy on Vlare, also in VidLii since 2018. PT: Um rapaz português de 17 anos no Vlare, também no VidLii desde 2018

Hello people, how are you?

Recently today and yesterday I heard that Vlare Discord's server was set to Private (partners, OGs, patrons and premium users), this happened in my opinion because of dramas by kids.

Because of this people are talking bad about Vlare and also the staff, there are even videos saying that Vlare will end, my god in heaven stop it Vlare will not end.

Just let the staff sort this out, I know their decision was taken too far, but you also have to understand, if you don't like Vlare why not delete your account, it's easy ;)

Agreed. Let the staff handle this situation. I never complained about Vlare once. I actually supported it and I still am to this day.
Crazy how easy it is for a site to destroy itself.

Mel isn't exactly as much of a victimas you think
Fire Blades
Fire Blades·
Sorry, but with the decisions the staff are ending, its most likely that at the very least vlare will have a smaller community than it does right now. Also the fact that your saying "if you don't like Vlare why not delete your account, its easy". Sorry but that just sounds a bit, oh I don't know, dumb? I mean, if a large amount of people decide to delete their accounts, then maybe Vlare would listen but you have to think that there are better ways to do that kind of stuff you know?
There was also some controversy surrounding Mel after they cyberbullied a content creator in the Discord server. Mel got so much backlash for that that they deleted their Vlare account.
Key & Garnet Studio
Key & Garnet Studio·
Thanks you for saying this.