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Vlare makes me feel at home.
Follow Frank, Pink Guy and all your favourite members of Frank's Clan as they return from banishment- even filthier than before. - Disclaimers: I am not George Miller, nor am I associated with him. The Community Guidelines require me to state this. This is simply a continuation of the series made by a fan. The views and actions displayed by the characters of this show are not shared by those behind it.

I have only been on Vlare for a small part of one day, but I feel as if I'm being welcomed into a family. I feel like the Staff will accept and nurture me, and whatever content I make. I feel as though I have complete control over my work, as the site says that you are the owner of everything you produce. Importantly, I feel like I joined the site at the right time to be able to make a name for myself. I feel like this is a place that I, as an aspiring director and writer, can learn the ropes. Unlike You tube, I can see myself at the top in a few years, as everybody is on or around the same level. I feel as though the community is nice and willing to help. You can make friends here and have a good time. I think that I won't be looked down upon for wanting to make obscure comedy videos. On You tube, I constantly felt like I was in danger of being banned because of what I want to do, but here I don't feel like that. I can upload with peace of mind. This feeling is actually helping me to get out of the rough patch I've been in, and I'm feeling very eager to record.

I'm also happy that, if I become a Partner, the site will let me keep every penny I earn. It makes me feel like the site is run by people who, like me, were sick of YT and wanted to have an alternative site. A site where video sharing and community is brought back to its roots. Thank you, Vlare. I look forward to seeing where we can go.

YouTube's recent version of ToS made me leave them and join here, I think we can all have fun and post what we wanna post without worry here on Vlare!
This might be my new home once YouTube's new ToS is put in place.
Vlare is awesome!
thats right!