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Greetings my Saturn Knights!🪐🖤🤍
Infinite Saturn
Hello! I am Infi, and welcome to Planet Saturn! I enjoy talking about Sonic the Hedgehog, Vocaloid, Yo-kai Watch, and general positivity! 💖♑️💛💛♑️💖 You can also find me on twitter. I’m usually on there daily.😁 Profile picture by @Blueberry_FB on twitter! I was on youtube for only a short time, but I’m excited to start posting on Vlare!

Hello every being! I apologize for not being consistent in my posts😅

Life happens and I also don’t always commit. That is partially on me. 

But this is your reminder that this person cares about you. 

I have hope for you, I believe in your abilities and I hope you do too. 

I know It can be hard to do that, everybody struggles with it at times. But I know you are capable of amazing things. 

No matter what this crazy beautiful world may throw at us, just know that you are capable of doing many wonderful things.💖💛🤍💚💙🧡🖤

Thank you for visiting Planet Saturn 🪐 

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