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TikTok users these days....
Bed Rall
I know I haven't been using this site for almost a month, well that's because I have lost interest in it. Some of my old videos were set private and unlisted due to a lot of drama going on in this site. I just don't find interest in uploading on here anymore, I am still active on my YouTube channel. Link to it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCni626vD4zrBlrCHRQrufMQ Idk if I will upload on here as much as I used to before, but if I ever feel like coming back then there will be that. But for now, I'm gonna stay inactive on this site until further notice. Thank you for understanding...

Every song that is mostly heard on TikTok have users claiming that it makes the song popular and it dosen't ruin it. But they also spam "Who's here from TikTok?" on a song that was known years ago....

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