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Vlare's back!! 🎉
Hello everyone! I'm Josh! How are you? I am here to connect with people and have fun making content without having to worry about being censored or unfairly terminated.....if you know what I mean! 😁 I look forward to a bright future on this site and be a good entertainer to you all! 😊

Well well, here we are! After Vlare's been continuously having connection time-outs, the team has FINALLY stepped up and is seeking to fix the issue.

I really hope this site won't go down like the previous sites did; i.e., Vanillo, Zippcast, VidMe, etc. I really want this to be a place where people have a voice and are allowed to speak their mind about anything without having to worry about being censored or unfairly demonetized or terminated. To me, that violates freedom of speech.

I'm not concerned if Vlare will become a competition to YouTube. It may, it may not; most likely won't 'cause YouTube is massively popular and THE go-to place for videos. But like I said, I just want people to be able to share their thoughts and opinions about whatever they want without being censored. They may not get as many views on here like they do/did on YouTube, but they'll at least have a voice. I don't want my efforts to bring as many people as I can on here to be in vain.

Hopefully, the team will be more dedicated and aware of issues going on with the site.

But that's all I have to say. Stay safe, everyone. ✌️

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