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Welcome. I'm a guy who likes to draw, make music, game, and do stuff. You may know me as "that guy", and yes, that's me. I'm the guy who's here, and the guy in the background. Enjoy your stay.

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s me, Jay from JayPlays, and I have a brand new announcement I’m excited to share with you guys! Over the year and some months that I’ve been making content across Vidlii, Vanillo, Vlare, and YouTube, I’ve come up with ideas for content that didn’t really fit the nature of my normal channel. These ideas have been sitting in the backburner for a while now, some of which I just couldn’t shake no matter how hard I tried. I also tend to take my time when it comes to making videos, both of which result in gaps of over a month between videos.
So I thought, “What’s a way I can experiment with new kinds of content and do it in a more timely manner for you guys without affecting the way the core JayPlays channel works?” And then it hit me: I’ll make a brand new channel for this new kind of content! That’s right, I now have a side channel for JayPlays, dedicated to a variety of content! Here, you’ll get gameplay videos, collabs with other Vlare / Youtube users, behind the scenes content, highlights from my soon-to-be-setup Twitch channel, and more! And for those who haven’t seen it yet, the channel name is… you guessed it, JayPlays 2. Original, I know, but it’s meant to be an additional bonus to the content you already have. A new hub for new content as well as micro-content to hold off until an actual video can release. And speaking of actual videos, I also have a bunch of ideas already lined up for the original JayPlays channel and JayPlays 2, so it won’t eat up into the development of either, and I'll have plenty of ideas ready from the get-go! To also make things easier to organize, the main JayPlays channel will still be available across all current existing platforms, with content still being uploaded to YouTube, Vlare, and Vidlii (though Vidlii support will end once the next episode releases), and JayPlays 2 will be exclusive to Vlare, so the hub for JayPlays content will be right there and ready for you whenever you want to watch it.
Well anyways, guys, that’s all I have to say about that. I already have a video up on the channel, but I can’t wait for you guys to see what other stuff I have in store. Thank you so much for watching, my name is Jay from JayPlays, and I will see you guys next time, across both channels! Gooodbyeeeeeeeeee!
JayPlays 2 Channel Link : https://vlare.tv/u/4sbC72vo