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Razorback - a new Discord server for retro tech
A shining beacon from underneath the table indicates the disk is busy.

I've been preparing a new Discord server over the last week. This one is quite different from the last as its structure places a much stronger emphasis on old hardware and software and a subset of the Vlare community specializing in that field. I feel I'm ready to bring this server out to the public now, way ahead of schedule. You can use this link to join it now:


Around the start of 2017, I created my first server "Maroon Whales" which was more so centered around my channel than anything else. It was meant to be a simple server free of bots, excessive roles, and complicated regulations, but over time, it turned into a dumpster fire before shutting down on January 20th, 2019. Why is that? I stopped taking the server seriously, and following an explosive drama incident over some role being removed, ended up butchering it to a point where it had lost its original meaning. With such lax policies, awkward communication, and no clear vision of the server's future, it was basically a zombie for well over a year.

When the server was deleted, I had no intentions of running another server for a long time, thinking I couldn't possibly do it again. I mainly hanged out in a few private servers, and was handed over ownership of one of them. That server has been very stable for a long time, but it still has quite a bit of a mess from its early months. Me and my friends went along with it for a long time, but recently, I considered with hesitation the idea of starting a new server from scratch that would go public in approximately two months. Thanks to the coordination of others who helped flesh out the server, it took me only one week to say I'm ready to make it public.

Razorback has a much stronger backbone; it should be much better equipped to extinguish pointless dramas and nefarious messages of sorts than Maroon Whales ever was. This will allow the server to facilitate much more meaningful discussion about what we're here for - old computers. We do make room to discuss other subjects as well, but Razorback has a diverse selection of text channels related to computers you can post to, whether it be old or new, regardless of whether it's an IBM XT, a custom-built Pentium II tower, a PowerPC Macintosh, or even an FM Towns. So if you want to share your cool builds and what not and/or you want to get involved in Vlare's retro tech community, come on in!

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