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Co-Founder & Developer @ Vlare Founder, now Ex-member @ Vanillo Always looking to help people & improve lives. Short temper with assholes. I'll always lend my time to those who need someone to talk to. A human individual, I occasionally make mistakes or bad decisions. More about my personal life below. I wrote the guidelines for Vlare, and I follow them as they're written, and don't allow my biases to sway my decisions. If you believe you've been a victim of moderator bias, feel free to contact me. Usually willing to help people with their projects, or collaborate! Just contact me! Also, if you want to play a video game I will probably be down to play with you. If you want to contact me, here's a few ways: Discord: Melony#2039 E-Mail: [email protected] Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/WkdCCkKx2R/ and of course, the Vlare messenger & live chat! Thanks for being part of our site!

I'm just testing something- but I guess I can say that I'm working on some cool stuff right now for Vlare- so look out for that.

Vlare is absolutely gorgeous and fun. What might this be now??