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YouTube Might Shut Down In 2020!
The Official CompleteGamer
I Make Games Witch Is That I Completed The Game Or Not! Hi I'm George And I Join Vlare Because YouTube Will Destroy It's Self And FTC Will Destroy YouTube As Well So I Started YouTube In 2011 Or 2013 Witches My Old Channels That I Have In A Past And It's Been 08 To 06 Years Ago! And I Am Almost Hitting 10 Years Streak! Witches Amazing And I Couldn't Do It Without You So Thanks For The Support Also I'm Ending My YouTube Channel On December 31st 2019 This Is My Last Month To Make Videos Before The Year 2020 Comes So Yeah Goodbye!!! Guys Love You So Much And Thank You Again For The Support!

Hey Guys This Might Be A Review But YouTube Will Shut Down Year 2020 I Am Not Sure Yet But I Am All Of My Videos And Put It At Vlare Site! That's All I'm Gonna Say!

YouTube's a multi-billionare company. They're gonna be just fine
Dark Studios
Dark Studios ·
Nah this is gonna be fake
It won't shut down I guarantee.