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Vlare Got My Video Back Up
hey there i am jeremy i make all kinds of videos i hated vlare but now i like it i hope we get a long im a dislexic person big vidlii user aspiring musician comentator ATTENTION THESE USERS ARE ABSOLUTE IDIOTS DO NOT TALK TO THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY FUCKING STUPID: kylla PLAIN OUT IDIOTS (u can try conversating with them, probably fail so be very very careful) idiots: bloxed exeref wolfplay012 Micheael Mondo099 JuanCarlos123 ItzFares2 Ryelow GaryPalidin21115 Strmd12 TheCalest678 LegendaryKingKaiju FattyMan OdamaThyHater derpguy125 palmfreak CoolDude84 SPB MasterMauro spodermen Scattman KratosTheGodOfWar Dylanhestand BuddyHoly1 derpguy125 hafav LuisSantosShow Daniel7689 PaleSlavMan BlastTheRiolu CrunkTheMlpHater CompUser omarisasonofabitch Rem Thandar Brandon12 palmfreak GirlaPH meta64 thedoingod4 FlatDesignTent777 Wufudufu ScrewDriver JumpStarRecords pie1994 dominosspizerias01 MRZ kanga wissotsky Jan bloxed classics pokebrick03 racoon retroreviewer trakoize glitch22 Smart ppl list: the guy on vlare ila721

Hey, the video that got taken down is now back up


That's why i unlisted the update video

also watch my new video while you're at it!

lmao chao sphere is doing everything in his power to get jeremy banned