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Okay so an update
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I did an investigation into my videos and it appears that the borderline-NSFW Related Videos section only appears on my Microsoft Sam's Classic Windows Errors videos (and to a lesser extent, Bacon & Gold reads errors and signs (S4E4)). Very strange...

This would mean that it's possible for me to fix the Related Videos section myself in some way, although the Classic Windows Errors series might have to take on a different alias as a result. Maybe "Microsoft Sam reads Classic Windows Errors" first, and then if that fails, maybe "Microsoft Sam's Super Windows Errors LITE" or something.

Does this mean I'm returning to Vlare? Maybe... But it sure would be nice to have the option to disable the Related Videos section entirely (like you can in VidLii).

Oh wait on second thought it might be the word "Episode" that's setting it off.
Alright I renamed "Microsoft Sam's Classic Windows Errors" to "Microsoft Sam reads Classic Windows Errors". I'll leave it for a little while to see if it helps anything. If it doesn't, I'll drop the word "Classic" from the title and try replacing it with something else.