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Mr. Vr
Commentaries about recent, gaming and controversal topics i speak english, portuguese (portugues) and currently studying mandarin chinese (中文/漢語), and also the guy who translated vlare to portuguese and so far translating to chinese anyway, check out my channel!

Well, i had some personal feuds with a few people on discord, and due to that i will be inactive for some days there (tbh i will be in my alt for some extremely important contacts), if you want to say something important to me, just send a message in the private chat or regular messages

i was plaining to make a video today (due to the fact that today is brazil independence day) , due the lack of free time, i didn't make it

as some people know, since the begining of the year i've been working on a secret project, due all the shit that happend with my house's wi fi, i stopped working on it for a while

even after it got fixed, i still was lazy to return, but finally, i fully returned working on it

as of the gaming channel, i am plaining to post more videos when i get a capture card

my new profile picture is being made by a cotroversal cartoonist known by mocking bad games, he may join vlare, idk, but he may annoy some fart fetishist

that's all i have to say folks

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