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Hello Vlare comunity, i'm new for here, and i feel good with that.
The autistic mind of Alicolor
Hello, my name is...well, is not important, but you can call me Alicolor, and i like say things, about my internal world, and also i make videos on English and Spanish oh, and i'm transgender(my Gender is Demi-girl btw)

Since Susan Take control of youtube in 2014, being a content creator became more and more hard, with the copyright, the censor, and now the new guidelines, so, this girl on internet search for a better place, and the place is Vlare.

so, why am i saying this?, well, i start with the features of the site, i mean, things like the groups or the newest videos make me feel like part of the comunity, see the "videos being watched" category and...what a surprise, MY VIDEOS are there. Honestly, i can say without a doubt that Vlare is not another youtube, is even better.

i will upload more videos, but for now, i want to say thank you to the staff and the community.

We in colonial times now???
Glad to have you here! :3
•Ryan Bakken•
•Ryan Bakken•·
well, i'm also here because of Youtube, Vlare looks a lot better, i wish good luck to anyone starting a channel here. :)
Mr Falafel
Mr Falafel·
I'm also a "YT refugee" as it's being called. I love Vlare. It has a few issues to fix but I know updates are coming and they're really responsive to the community. They are actually doing this brand new thing called caring for its users. I know it's crazy but it's true.
Same here, I started YT back in 2013 when I was 10 years old, I'm 16 now and It's honestly really sad to see what YT has become, I hope Vlare will be a great new start not just for me but for any other content creators that have had it with YT
Even finding good content on youtube is hard at this point. Everyone is adjusting to the new rules pushing decent content out of the picture. Sure you can maybe find two or three good channels but its not like how it used to be. At this point i just watch old videos when i log onto youtube.
Honestly same , I just quit being a content creator on youtube a year ago since I heard people were getting their channels demonatised for god knows what , and also school I have to keep my academics good for other purposes , I created some silly artwork related work but I knew it wasn't gonna boom, I privates half of my videos lol
Same reasons honestly, I should have quit since 7 months ago but I haven't heard of the site till now.
I agree, YouTube got worse and after I saw many people go to Vlare, I jumped the bandwagon.