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regarding of the recent events and some updates
Mr. Vr
Commentaries about recent, gaming and controversal topics i speak english, portuguese (portugues) and currently studying mandarin chinese (中文/漢語), and also the guy who translated vlare to portuguese and so far translating to chinese anyway, check out my channel!

so people, i'm aware of the presence of daniel t gaming on vlare, i used to watch his vids back in 2016 when he used to create skins for the pc "port" of super mario maker named "super mario remaker", btw, i'm also aware of the changes related to vlare itself

as some of you know, i've been busy with real life things, and that's why i'm not posting so much recently, since i will have more free time tomorrow, i will probably post a new video

and again, there is no prediction of when the next video will be posted

that's all folks

-Mr. Vr

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