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I guest i'll should give you bit of a bitter but sweet welcome from a Vlare Veteran user.
now that I'm getting use to having my face be put up on the internet, never before I've been more confident of making a new video, of course it wont be every week but once i get a chance I'll try to make a video. For now I've had one of the users in discord recorded me and the whole voice chat and we thought it might be a good idea to make it into a podcast, I'll explain it more in a blog post later, but make sure to check Chaos Beam channel since he'll be uploading it in his account.

Well, I didn't expect this to happen. A huge flock of new users from YT both big and small came here two days ago, and I have mix feelings for it. On one hand, I'm excited that Vlare is getting more recognition, but on the other, it's from a fanbase where there's less variety (content-wise). Still, I can't complain since we never had a big boost of users since VidLii and Vanillo. I hope to any newer user who's reading this to maybe make some content other than the FNAF fandom (since we already have over 100 videos of those already here), not saying you should, it's just a request. But enough of me somewhat bitching.

To all the new users, I welcome you.
(just don't try to make this into VidLii 2.0)

sincerely BlackCat19451

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