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Well that happened...
Vlare co-founder and Developer (again). Software developer & Video Editor. I can write software in C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Java, Javascript, and Rust. Skill in each language varies. Always willing to help if you need it. Always willing to listen if you need an ear.

So, it seems that I'm the first person to hit 100 followers on Vlare. Not the official Vlare account, not any other account, I was the first to 100. In celebration of this, and due to how well my last video is doing, I'm going to be putting out more videos in this style in the future, which may be out in a week or two (because I'm working on Vlare right now). Anyways, thanks guys! Hope you're all enjoying your stay here on Vlare.

Congrats on 100 followers :) You deserve them all :D