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Why I like vlare.tv more then Youtube
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Hey guys, 

this is just a little message that I wanna spread to all of you who are already following me here and maybe to the ones who will still follow me here.
I have been years on youtube already, and there were always changes that I was really not happy about. Don't get me wrong there were also some good ones,
but Youtube is just not the same anymore. I'm on vlare.tv for one day now and I really have to say I really, really like how the site is built... The possibilites, the design...
The really user friendly channel editing and all other things which are awesome. I also love the searching function and the categories and all that stuff.
I just love this site already!

I maybe will upload a video on my main youtube channel today, who has (for those who don't know) currently 748 subscribers.
In that video I will tell the audience, that I have made a vlare.tv channel and some reasons why I personally think vlare.tv is better then youtube.
For those of you who saw that video (at the time I'm writing this text I didn't make it yet) and came to this site I really welcome you and hope we will
have a great time here.

Let's enjoy this hopefully not short journey together and have fun guys!
Love you all to pieces! <3


Just signed up to vlare and holy crap, its way better than youtube in design.
It doesn't seem toxic so that is great!
i love this site monopolys suck alot nice to know there are new paths to the vloging vlaring YTing thing
I am new to vlare and I already enjoy it more than YouTube. I haven’t made any videos yet but I just love the settings and format it has. Youtube should take notes.
I'm a newbie to vlare and I completely agree with this , a few hours has passed and enjoyed it somehow , it's fun to customize your own channel page , it has similar features on what youtube had , I use both
Because I listen to songs on youtube I go on vlare and on the hunt for randomness , it's a fresh new start for me atleast no stupid corny beauty guru drama and neither seeing toxicity youtube offered me , I just hope this doesn't go downhill ;^;
I have to completely agree with you on this blog post, VidLii is good and all but it doesn't have all the cool features that Vlare has! Vlare also lets you customize you channel more making it more of your own channel rather then just another channel like it is on YouTube!
Somehow, a few days is all it takes to be completely infactuated with Vlare.tv.
Welcome, I was here when the site first started off, before it was Vidlii that became popular now Vlare and I am somewhat sure that Vlare will take off due to it's professional design/ features implemented.
Well, I'm a newbie here just the same. I think I speak for most when I say I'm disappointed in YouTube. As for this site...the more people who can support, the better it will become.
I definitely agree to the part of user friendly channel editing but everything else is right up there.
man do i vibe with this. I hope the site does well too. The community is so much better here