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More Problems due to High influx of Videos
Chaos Beam
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The Problem.
Everyone has been having issues with Vlare's video converter lately.
Basically when someone uploads a video it will be stuck converting (or "processing") the video.
I don't want to deal with this problem, and so I decided not to upload a video this week either.
This means that I will try to upload something for next week!
(the 30th or 1st)

More complications...

Speaking of next week, I will be busy for the next two weeks so I'm sorry if I become a little inactive on Vlare and the Vlare discord .
This could potentially mean that I can't upload next week or the week after.
This would be 4 weeks of me not uploading, and I feel awful about it.
Thank you for your support last week, It meant the world to me, however if you are getting tired of me not uploading I understand.
I assure you I will still read all your comments and I wish you a great next two weeks.
Ci vediamo.

I was meant to upload my channel intro yesterday, but then this shit happens!
Zachary Erickson
Zachary Erickson·
So do you have more info on this converting issue? I'd like to know why this keeps happening.