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Anyone bringing their large following here (or otherwise), please read.
Welcome to the future. We have... 430HX Try HIERMA Beta, a more convenient way to install Windows 9x: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=68875&p=809620#p80962

Please do me a favor and sign up for Vlare Premium. Normally I wouldn't shill so hard for paid services, but this one in particular is so important.

I've been wanting a solid YouTube alternative to become prominent for pretty much the entirety of this decade, so much so that I flattered the idea of creating my own a few months before joining the original iteration of ZippCast. So far, Vlare is proving to be that robust alternative I dreamed of, but I cannot be certain it will survive the end of next year based on the punishing cycle of pretty much every site that has attempted to directly take on YouTube.

One major killer of YouTube alternatives is that nobody ever takes them seriously, only opting to maybe throw a few things in them and forget it even existed in a week. Remember Vidme? I was convinced it would be the one site that could actually succeed, as it brought in many big names like ReviewTechUSA, I Hate Everything, and even LGR... but they were never really active on there, so there was largely nothing to watch on there, and a ton of people who were brought in ended up never watching anything on that site. Admittedly, I was never big on Vidme, either, since it seemed more purely focused on flashy commercial creators, while VidLii was a lot more fun to be on.

Vlare's spike in growth following YouTube's latest trendy controversies is a critical opportunity for a superb YouTube alternative to be firmly implanted in popular online grounds for those who are fed up with everything YouTube has done since Google's acquisition of that site. Reuploading your own videos to Vlare is good, as it will give everyone over here more things to watch. What scares me about Vlare's growth, though, is that it could turn into a dead fad after January, where people develop an attitude like "oh okay I didn't get fined guess I don't need Vlare lol". I mean, even with the clarifications the FTC provided recently along with some revelations regarding YouTube's handling of the new COPPA rules, I still hold a strong skepticism over whether I or other creators will be safe, as creators are still going to be held liable by them if they do something incorrect.

The migration to Vlare shouldn't be specifically about COPPA (or worse, treating Vlare solely as something lesser like a backup utility), it should be about everything Google did to us and an undying ambition to get this site running on titanium legs. YouTube's tyranny has been going on for too long, and in order to at least fracture it, we all need to make a collective effort to help this site thrive.

Yes, bring more of your videos and your audience here, but don't stop there. Give this site your $6 and ask others to do the same so it can survive on the limited resources it has, as ads are not a reliable source of income. At least try to become involved in this website; I know it might be difficult if you're interested in some field that has a shortage (particularly retro computers for me), but even 20-30 minutes of watching Vlare uploads and writing at least one comment every day or whatever your time affords will help immensely in making Vlare become a place where people can actually seek engagement following the deafening silence they've had to endure with their videos on YouTube.

Do not butcher this opportunity, or Vlare will become another iteration of the same cycle, further impeding the credibility of YouTube alternatives and forcing creators to tolerate more and worse garbage YouTube imposes on them. I'm counting on you.

i'm 14, so i don't have a credit card or paypal. plus, my strict asian parents only give me 500 yen (5 dollars, my mom is japanese) and 39 hk$ (5 dollars again, my dad is cantonese) so....
I really wish I could, but I don't have a credit card, nor PayPal.