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Bloxy Cola
Bloxy Cola ryslig
Feb 08, 2020
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12 minutes ago

Good on the moderators for putting a paywall behind the Discord server, now the chat will be more dead than it was before. #satire

This website was cool for a day then shit really died down. like who the fuck really though this was a good idea? every single one of these alternative platforms will die, just like you. except you will be a little bit more forgotten.

The video of the dude spamming Discord servers wasn't very funny, and was rather boring to watch, but I'm not going to say what he did was bad. I really don't care. You can go ahead and spam my shit any day and I will be happy just to get attention because im a dirty little femboy uwu https://www.wattpad.com/83046922-freddy-fazbear-x-reader-chapter-nine-lemon

fuck you im deleting my account in a week

Feb 09, 2020

There are people migrating from YouTube to Vlare because of COPPA. COPPA is an actual bill passed by the government so websites can't collect information on kids. No website is immune to these rules. How it effects YouTube is rather simple. You have to specify if your video is specifically created for kids in mind. If it isn't you click the other option. That would be fine if a bunch of gullible people didn't blow it out of proportion. These gullible people have this thought that they will get fined $42,000 if a bot thinks their video is made for kids, which is not the case.

Specifically, I want to point a finger at a user named AlexandraToons. She has uploaded her videos to Vlare as a backup "bc of COPPA which is dumb." I think she is under the mentality that her videos are supposedly family friendly but she's unsure of what she should mark her videos as. This is dumb because I'm pretty sure a video of a child getting murdered is for an older audience. Same with the rest of her videos. If a video is manufactured for toddlers, then it should be set as made for kids. Anything else should be set as not made for kids.

Somewhat related but not really is this comment written by user Arkino. "Really sad to see youtube end up in the state it's turning into. Been on that website for YEARS (2008 to be exact) and it's really hard to move away from such a big part of my childhood, but I could no longer stand how Susan is managing the site."

There are other people who work at YouTube other than Susan Wojcicki. It's the same with any other company. Jeff Bezos isn't working alone in a warehouse, he's got a bunch of people doing stuff for him. Susan Wojcicki isn't the person you should be blaming for every single feature you hate, although it's tempting because she's the face of the company. There are 3,000+ people working at YouTube. Making the site, advertising the site, handling the social media, and writing emails. Not every single decision is being made by the CEO, and I wish more people would understand that.

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Message to you: Do NOT just assume that whenever somebody mentions you in a slightly negative light it's so that they're followers could come to harass you. That kind of mindset is simply redundant and egotistical. Even though you guys have technically made a truce, I just cannot imagine the audacity to accuse an 11-year-old girl of doing this kind of stuff without even knowing their full personality. It is truly mind-boggling to me.
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I am going to make a second channel where I focus on analytical content and reviews, if you would like to follow it. I am about to make it, and it'll be called "EpicPiesReviewer". I will notify to you when the channel is made.
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