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Feb 26, 2020

I've been doing my music again these past few weeks. I released the single memories from a cowardly guy here and the user BloodySeaGulls commented:

"Is this a death message?"

According to the text that inspired me to do this track, it is. The music has a depressive background, mixed with sounds of nature. Some background music from Minecraft also served as inspiration.

Here is the text that inspired me, adapted and translated:

"Walking in the street
Sadness is not a drug,
But this is what I consume
This time, it's the end, I presume
I didn't learn from my mistakes
I was not a good student

But I'm here
Trying every day
I think about giving up,
Because I don't know what joy is

It doesn't look like I'm fucked
Always laugh and make fun
But I hope, every day, that I get hit by a car.

Should have sought help
But maybe it's too late
I hope someone helps me
Memories from a cowardly guy"

Text by nerø.

Listen "memories from a cowardly guy" here.

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One of the first brazilians on Vlare. I made experimental songs and random content.

Um dos primeiros brasileiros do Vlare. Faço músicas experimentais e conteúdo aleatório.
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