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Dec 06, 2019

Hi, Ethanos here. I want to hear about your channels and what they are about. I might follow some if I like it.

Key points that you can include if you want to:

  • Why you started the channel
  • The majority of content you make
  • The age group its intended for
  • What makes you different from other channels 
  • And. your goal with your channel.

Dec 04, 2019

I only got 3 followers, but how hard do you think it is to get popular on here?

Dec 03, 2019

Hey guys this is the first chapter of my book I'm writing, if you have any editing suggestions or suggestions comment below!

.                                                                                        .

Treaties and Alliances - Chapter 1

The Great war between the three gods that had warped and shaped the land of Absolute Xero into a planet with extreme climates in all hemispheres. Cold at the top and bottom of the planet and extremely hot in the center ranging out to cooler climates farther towards the poles. The land shattered into islands spread through the small ocean. According to the religion of the people here Xero was the first planet ever created by the Trinity and because of this Xero and all the races on it were the beginning. The three greatest races, by their own standards and in military might and wealth, were the Ramoldian created by Balzamoth the Bringer of Death and Destruction. Angelicans made by Iskan the God of Space and Time. Ezrika God of life and Creation made the Eynorm. 

    The three gods were at peace for years after they made their people but then a group calling themselves the Xeos made up of all three of the different races began worshiping a false god called Xeon in a religion known as Xeonistic. The gods of Tristan were infuriated that their children had forsaken their parents and followed a corrupt false god. They willed their loyal children to band together to stop this threat but they feared the Xeos so they hid in their kingdoms frightened still to this day while waiting for the Xeo threat to be driven from their homes.  In their fear they attacked each other hoping this would solve their problem but a darker more ancient danger was awakening and it was hungry for blood.
1302 Years Later…

    In the hot deserts of Carabi in the center of Absolute Xero lies the homeland of the Ramolidins. A strong race of warriors that have evolved into a lethal weapon able to survive and fight in any climate without faltering. Extremely strong and very Intelligent they genetically enhanced their warriors to be the best taking children at the young age of six and molding them into warriors that even unarmed can kill you just as easily armed. One such child, a boy born to a middle class family was one of the many children selected for this burdensome task. He was named Rouge and he was the second youngest of a family of all girls. Because of this he was the most valuable member of the family because he carried on the name of the family and he was the one child that could move the family up to a higher class depending on his success in the military. 

Not that the girls couldn’t they were just less likely to be recognized for their accomplishments. On the day of his sixth year under the sun he was brought before a group of recruiters there to test to see were he would place in the military. Rouge looked up at the three of them wondering what they would have them do. The man in front knelt down to look Rouge in the eye. He was short by Ramoldian standards so him kneeling was not very far from his original height. He had a short red beard kind eyes and a close shaved head. “Boy” said the man, “Do you First son of the Rels family except the responsibility of holding all of your family's honor by completing these trials and joining our order?” Rouge stood stock still and gave a stiff nod. The short man looked him over and then he stood and held out his hand. Rouge looked at it cautiously and when the soldier did not remove it he reached up and took it. The man’s large hand curled around Rouge’s and he and his two comrades led Rouge to the port were a small group of young Ramoldians stood huddled. In front of them floated a long sand skimmer used to transport water and resources from far away farms. 

Once Rouge and his couriers reached the skimmer the short man turned to Rouge and released his grip on his hand. He gestured for him to join the other boys in the group. Rouge noticed very few of his childhood friends there in the group most were complete strangers and obviously this was the case for most of the children. A few had red eyes that had been caused by constant crying. The only strange thing about this situation was that there was no big celebration no departure ceremony that Rouge had seen when warriors left to go exploring or when a lord would come from the capital to check on the food supply. The port was completely void of people the only noise to be heard was the soft whooshing noise of sand being pushed by the wind. No sooner had Rouge arrived that the children were ushered on to the skimmer and into chairs with straps on them.

    Once every child was seated the twenty or so men onboard hurried about to every chair and fastened all of the straps. Tying the children to their chairs and not allowing for escape. Once every child was securely strapped in the short man that had led Rouge here singled for the helmsman to push off. The sails were thrown open and Rouge felt the skimmer underneath him shift forward. As they moved out of the port the skimmer caught the strong wind of the desert and the sail billowed and the skimmer shot out towards the sun going up large sand dunes along a large red sandstone cliff off to their left. Not a cloud in the bright blue sky. Rouge thought it was beautiful and freeing.

    After about two hours multiple children including Rouge started crying for water and for food or for their mothers. The food was a hard piece of bread with a small sip of water. Eventually the moaning quieted to a low sniffing. After sixteen more hours one boy started screaming about seeing water and how thirsty he was even though the men had just passed out water rations thirty minutes ago. One man, a tall bearded one, walked back to the boy and tried to calm him but the boy was inconsolable. So in the end the man released the boy from his restraints and lead him to the back of the skimmer and pushed him off many children cried in protest and confusion kicking and pushing against their restraints till the man call out that he would do the same to them all if the weren’t quiet. Soon the skimmer was silent except for the murmur of sailors and the swishing of the wind.
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I'll try and post weekly!
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