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Feb 22, 2020

Hi everyone,

Valentine’s Day and the weeks succeeding it have been a dark age for this website. Mel bullied a creator, the admins closed the Discord, and the site seemed to fall into chaos. Videos discussed whether the site was dying, whether the site was worth uploading on anymore prompting some to leave, and whether the site would have the same fate as Vidlii. Discord raids occurred on unofficial servers (which stirred another unneeded drama that I won’t further discuss). 

Following the controversies, I posted a Twitter thread regarding the situation that was extremely harsh, and I won’t be surprised if I get punished for it (I won’t link it here, but i suppose you could search for it if you really want to read it). It was extremely childish in my part, and despite no one in the Vlare community seeing it, I’d like to apologize for it anyway. 

I doubt this situation will lead to the site’s demise. This is an incredible site with tons of potential and I would like to continue uploading here. Unlike the preceding alternative video sites, this site has a glimmer of hope for its future, especially given how larger YouTubers like Daniel T Gaming and Just Stop continue to mirror their videos on the site. The site is all for community as well, which I’m all for, and I’m willing to be able to communicate with the community more now (hit me a DM here for any reason at all, be it you want to vent, ask a question, get to know me more, etc.) I am ready and willing to continue using this site, no matter what. I will continue to ride out this site to the very end until I am forced to no longer do so. I love this site so much and I want to see it succeed. I’m not gonna let some drama condemn my passion for this site. I hope to support the community and the site for whatever’s to come.

Love y’all,

 \(^ーv^ )

Jan 27, 2020

I made a comment on TWVM’s Big Chungus rap video which read “THIS IS EXTREMELY GANGSTER”, only to return to the video, and to my dismay, someone disliked the comment. At first I was angry at the fact that someone DARE dislike Big Chungus and my comment, but then I noticed an opportunity. I could use this to break a VLARE RECORD!!! I have now disliked my own comment, and I humbly ask that you spread the word and support my cause to get the most disliked Vlare comment of all time! Here is the video I commented on: https://vlare.tv/v/7HlFodfJ. LETS MAKE HISTORY

Jan 22, 2020

Hey all, Cioli here,

I'd like to apologize for the video dry spell, I've been stressed out from school and other personal problems and consequently couldn't work on videos. My next video shouldn't take long to be out though; it's going to be a mashup and it would be the very first time I made a video like that. I've also been working on a Family Guy YTPMV (or otoMad if you don't like YouTube being mentioned here). It might be out next month. I also redid my channel design to make it look better and more cohesive. The Pokemon Emerald video is still halted until further notice as GBA emulation is very slow on my computer now for some reason and I don't want to sacrifice quality. I'm not yet sure when I would be getting a newer and more powerful computer. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the videos to come!


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Let's make the comment of the banner.
Hello, nice channel! How are you?
I’m doing fine hbu
@CioliRavioli That's good. I'm doing good as well, just chilling.
mfw when i
former(?) machinimist, current(???) meme editor, artist, music enthusiast, etc. i love ramen and root beer.

i upload in things i am interested in. and i'm interested into a lot of things.

but most importantly,

i am an

awsome motherfucker.
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