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Onett ANYA
Dec 08, 2019
A skeleton.
A skeleton. ANYA
Dec 02, 2019
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Nov 23, 2019
Anya - Inhumane
Anya - Inhumane ANYA
Nov 20, 2019
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Dec 03, 2019

Hello! If you can remember from yesterday, I promised I would give you all a story! So... here's one I made called "Talking to Suns!"

A little bit of background for you guys; in this point of KTRP, cybermen had managed to open up a rift in the timelines. Weeks prior to the events in the story, the original group (Anna, Kale and Colly) had met their alternates (Kalia, Cal and Axel). The group determined the cause of their meeting was the rift opened on earth; there they travelled to earth, which turned out to be Axel's earth. The planet itself had been almost completely run by cybermen. After Anna was killed by the cybermen, the remaining 5 travelled to the headquarters of the cybermen in order to close the rift, or at least disable a large chunk of their army. It was here that Colly and Kale ran into another pair of alts; Colly and Cal were captured by the alternate Kalemusia (which we refer to as E!Kale, but since the original Kale doesn't appear in this story will be referred to as "Kalemusia") and taken hostage by a warlord Colly named Columbi. Anyway, now that you're caught up to speed... enjoy!!

Kalemusia’s heart raced. This was it. This was the day he was going to go home and be free of this miserable ship and the miserable Engarian dictator. He was going to go home with his family and he was going  to be free on Gallifrey once again.

He knocked on the door to the Engarian’s office, and he was quickly met with Columbi looking rather annoyed, glaring back at him. “What do you want,” she barked.

Kalemusia fixed his glasses. “I-I’m sorry to intrude, your highness, but the capture of the two Engarians has met the criteria for my family and my own release… so…?” He smiled with hope.

Columbi didn’t appear to like that. She took the holo-pad he was holding and looked over the text. “Well don’t get excited yet.”

And Kalemusia’s hope started to fade.

“We’ve just found a rift that leads to many other realities and many other universes… and we’ve only found 2 of them. The multiverse is an infinite scape, and this can only mean that there are more Engarians within the multiverse… our deal’s off. Get 10 more Engarians for me and I’ll let them go, 100 more and you could join them.” She gave a sinister smirk and turned on her heel, shutting the door and laughing wildly from behind.

Kalemusia’s hope was completely gone by the time she finished the sentence. He began to shake, but he quickly forced himself still and wandered slowly back to the holding cell where the pink and blue Engarians were, punching a hole in the wall on the way there. The fact that he could still hear Columbi laughing made him feel worthless.

He grabbed a chair and threw it into the cell, startling the two orbs. 

“How do you little suns even work?!” he yelled in frustration, sitting down with sheer rage in his eyes. 

The pink one stared at him with stunned eyes, though it looked like it was trying to sympathize with him. All Kalemusia saw was the face of the dictator that had denied his freedom so many times before. He hung his head and shuddered.

The pink one looked like it was trying to say something. He looked back up at it.

It was saying something in Engarian, which sounded like a bunch of blips, warbles and squeaks.
It motioned to the door and tried to smile again.

“I-I can’t understand you,” Kalemusia said, lowering his head again.
It then shouted something.

Kalemusia looked up with foggy eyes, but blinked and tried to stare the little shit down. Of course, his menacing gaze was one of his most defining features.

The pink one floated back a bit as if worried, but seemed to figure out what was going on. It narrowed its eyes and puffed itself up, trying to look intimidating but clearly failing. After a few seconds of eye contact it burst out in squeaky laughing.

The blue one seemed unamused at it all.

That made Kalemusia smile a bit. “Cute,” he muttered.

The pink one pointed at the door again and nodded, warbling something again.

“Do you want me to get your translator so you can tell me?” he asked.

It nodded frantically, its face literally lighting up.

He nodded and walked over to her skeleton in the corner of the room, unscrewing the translator from the neckpiece and walking back over. He unlocked the door and held the translator to the pink one.

It cleared its throat and spoke. “Ah! Hi! Hi hi! My name’s Colly first off, wonderful meetin’ ya, but I want you to help me and my buddy Cal off this ship! Can ya do that? I’ll do anythin’ for ya, please?”

Kalemusia was startled at the British accent that came out of the translator.

“I know, it’s weird hearing an Engarian speak, but I think it fits! Anyway, can y-“

“No. No, I-I can’t, there’s nothing you can do for me.”

Colly blinked. “Well that’s a load of hogwash right there! Surely there’s something I can help, pleeeease?”

The blue one edged toward the door.

Kalemusia seemed to consider it briefly. He shook his head shortly after. “There’s nothing I need help with, well… besides her... but you can’t do anything about it-“

“Well because I’m not in my skeleton, silly! Tell you what, you get me my skeleton and me and Cal will think of a way to get us off this ship and away from my, ehm... dark self, ok?”

“…fine. I’m not sure about that ‘dark self’ thing but whatever, you’ll get your suit tomorrow. You’d better have a plan…”

“OH YES! Yes!! Thank you so much! I promise we’ll have a plan by tomorrow!” She bounced up and down in the translator helm.

Kalemusia chuckled. “Whatever, ya little shit. Keep it down, ok?” He took the translator away and screwed it back onto the skeleton, and Colly remained in the cell.

Cal grumped and looked at Colly, and the two of them began to hatch a plan in their native tongue. 

Kalemusia left with the snare. His hope had started to come back, though small. He’d just talked to an Engarian that was, for once, not trying to keep him down or keep his family as fuel, who just wanted out and who wanted to help him.

It was a nice feeling, but it was all hinging on whether or not these Engarians would even have a plan by morning.
Dec 02, 2019

Hello again! 

I can't believe it's already December, congratulations to the NNN survivors! You have now become gods in your own rights, GG.

I've been doing something called "KTRP" with one of my good friends, and I began making animations, renders and a shit ton of drawings for it! Hopefully I can put a shitpost animation up for it in the following days. 

Briefly off topic; While Vlare is being used as a re-upload site for many, it should be noted that Vlare is for the former YouTube generation trying to move forward. Yes, I re-uploaded and re-branded one of my songs, but I want to be more active on here. I'll still re-upload my old videos under "ANYA" but I want to make newer content, especially more animations. (Perhaps I'll curse you all with an animation meme, huehuehue!!)


  • I plan to release my own Engarian headcanons soon since the people at BBC haven't really made much of a species bio. I don't own Engarians, I just really love 'em, and I'll be using the headcanons until the official page releases some actual info regarding them.
  • A story! I wrote it specifically for KTRP, and now you get a little taste of it!
  • Since I'm going on break on Tuesday and I have all of December off, I'll be able to do more on here!! Expect more! (Pay less)
  • Additionally, I will be travelling to Florida over my break!! I'm going to try to film as much as I can, and I'll write about what I do there!

Maybe if more people follow me, I'll come up with a fanbase name... Anyettes?? I dunno, just a thought... Anyway, have a wonderful day!!

Nov 22, 2019

Wow, holy shit!! A new website where I can, ehm... respawn?

...Nobody? Aw. Ok...

Regardless of my horrible jokes, hello! For everyone migrating from Supah.exe's server, a friendly hello to you lads! I'm excited specifically because I can rebrand myself as Anya! For those who do not know me: first off, pat. 

You're welcome.

My named is Anya! I formerly ran a channel known as TheBigBadBønnie. If you knew who that was, then AWW!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!! How have you been, do you want some alfredo?! 

just kidding. In all seriousness though, I'm glad I get to actually use another name! Fun fact, it's something I've considered for a while now, wink wink nudge nudge wink. Looking at the toolbar, I'm disappointed there isn't an "upload your own photo from your device" part... I would love to post my artwork here and not just limit it to videos. But regardless, that's for another time!

I really hope you guys love me and my work!! I'll be re-uploading all my old songs under "Anya" from now on!



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