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keep up!
Andriey Tech Tips
Andriey Tech Tips·
Hi, Im the creator of the Pinball gameplay video! First of all I'd like to thank you for your feedback! I'm from Poland so sorry for my lack of words or awful speech. Well most of software is in Polish so feel free to ask about some things! To the video ideas I can make a Worms Armageddon gameplay, because I have one! I can also record Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Skyroads, Prince of Persia, Blues Brothers, Home Alone, Santa Claus in Trouble (yes, that is a thing), Chip's Challenge and more! Feel free to ask about anything and until next time! Farewell!
Awesome. Thank you for the quick response! I have just joined Vlare and I've realized now how YouTube has been degrading itself in UX/UI so bad. I've joined and I'm enjoying Vlare same way as I'd enjoy any new place I'd join in the early internet days of 2007-2012. I am definitely going to enjoy my time here. Btw, the biggest views video has only cca 1166 views. Sounds like a great opportunity to do stuff here.

Also, don't feel back about the lack of speech; that's how things sounded like back in the day of the good YouTube. Today there's tons of "the umm ahh EAAAnd" dubstep clickbait Notepad Bandicam likesubscribell bitly viruslink tutorials. Your video was just direct to the point. Vlare has no clickbait nonsense and it is very fresh for us normal creators to do some normal stuff which are nice. You can head over to my YouTube channel to see what kind of content I'll be putting here. I have a lot pre-made, but had to halt stuff due to the FTC/COPPA fiasco there. Most likely I'll be remaking the stuff because I see some downpoints in what I did back then which I could fix.

Oh, btw, did you hear about Parsec? Parsec as in Parsec Gaming. It allows for couch gaming experience! However, it only supports Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 if you wanna host. If you wanna join, you need at least Windows 7, but it says you can use Linux and Raspberry Pi. So yeah. It could be cool to play some XP thing in a XP virtual machine on a Windows 10 machine running Parsec. I could organize that and record sometime for a good Let's Play. It requires only one person to own the game as it's basically the same thing as if you came here physically to play with me. Any local-only game could be played that way, so it's the best tool out there for retro Let's Playing online. I wish however that there was an XP-compatible one or one that can run on Linux or BSD if Windows 10 becomes too much privacy-oppressing.

Plus, I speak Croatian which is similar to Polish. Just be careful with the dangerous word collissions. In Croatian, "cura" means "girl", but in another Slavic language, it could mean something very bad. There's a lot of such occurences.

I'm looking forward to hear more from you!
The Slightly Retro Nerd
This channel is currently under construction.

Expect to see Slightly Retro content; basically, the nostalgia for the 2001-2007 culture, multimedia, fandoms and childhood where Boomers, X-ers and Millennials altogether lived in harmony and avantgardly pushed awesomeness in spite of politics and in pursuit of permanent innocence and friendship.
Zvoc [IPA: zʋots]
Signed Up
Dec 07, 2019
Croatia (Hrvatska)
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