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Jun 29, 2020

Hello there. I have been hit by massive news by WISIWYG DMing me saying if I want to administrate Vlare. I quickly accepted and I'm now a Vlare administrator.

MASSIVE love and respect to WISI for doing this since it was my dream job to work on Vlare.

This will not affect Tracle and other places I moderate in any way since I can cooperate with everything.

I'm legit shaking while writing this, I'm serious.

Also thank you for reading this

love and respect


May 07, 2020

Happy Birthday Vlare.

https://youtu.be/YMKIxxRA270 <—Listen or watch the music video of this classic birthday track here.

Today is a day where we celebrate a year on Vlare. It somewhat feel like that Vlare was launched a few months ago but my god it’s already been a year. I’m actually surprised that it even lasted a year (even though the cloudfare side isn’t helping the site but they are fixing it.) so what is better to talk about the year of Vlare by reflecting over it? Good idea? Ok...

👏Year 👏Review

May 2019 (“this is the beginning”)

We start of on the 6th of May 2019. We were all prepared for Vlare and everyone is hyped on the Vlare and VidLii discord. People were more hyped when Melony quit Vanillo to help Vlare. From the code which was completed by both Jan and Mel to the logo created by Allanbuzzy, the whole site in the front end was completed. And then the 7th of May came and mostly everyone from VidLii and Vanillo joined. Mel even uploaded a video Where it depicted that Vanillo passed away which unsurprisingly it did a few hours when Vlare arrived. We all uploaded our back catalogues onto Vlare even with its 10 videos a day block which I think is lifted since late May 2019. I remember that month being fun. I was on the top 3rd most viewed of all time for a few weeks until more users started to join which is good.

June, 2019 (DannyFinest and the head of Vanillo joining Vlare)

We OG’s remember the DannyFinest drama? That idiot who botted his views and follow count? Yeah, he joined in late May of 2019 but he wasn’t known until Late May/ Early June when MRZ made a video on him. This made the community angry against Danny. Blake who was the head of Vanillo applied to be on the Vlare team and was accepted he does join and left since the but he is now back to Vlare since Melony leaving. Other then that, the month was average at best.

July, 2019 (The Ban of DannyYeTescoFinest and a potato being thrown in the microwave by Melony)

July was a good month regarding me, I hit 50 followers on Vlare where I would spend the next 6 months applying for partner and learn to make my content somewhat better but on the community side, Danny was banned, there was drama between Melony and Warmpotato and MRZ left Vlare temporary (he’s back now so that’s cool.)

August, 2019 (Vlare Minecraft)

August was average at best, the only thing I could remember happening was the Vlare Minecraft server. Other then that I can’t really remember much on this month

September, 2019 (Vlare 2.0 and app?)

September was when the idea of Vlare 2.0 started. It was going to be released in early 2020 plus there was an app for Vlare in development. Other then that, that is the only thing I can remember from the month.

October, 2019 (Merge after merge)

October was a surprising month for all for all pre-wave and OG users. Vlare merged with Slivr and Vanillo in a span of 2 weeks which made Vlare a bigger project. Slivr became the code for Vlare 2.0 while the Vanillo side was for the video compression.

November, 2019 (COPPA and influx of users)

November was the most biggest month for Vlare. It bring a lot of people to join Vlare after YouTube was sued by the FCC for not applying with the coppa laws. A lot of members joined Vlare which is mainly animators and 10 year olds (although the 10 year olds were banned so that’s good). Vlare also hit 10,000 members which is a massive number which probably 10% of them are still using the site to this day. Vlare also changed it’s logo to the one we all know which was created by Blake. It was originally all coloured blue but the community gave feedback to change the Vlare font to black like the old logo. I remember when I hit 100 followers on Vlare on this month so that’s cool. Although this was a good thing, there was drama in the community after members were not happy with some of the members who joined the site. The term Content Dumping was thrown around and yes I still stand by my opinions about what i said then. So other then that that month was a blast.

December, 2019 (More growth)

In December, Vlare hit 20,000 members and Mel left the first time but came back at the end of the month.

January, 2020 (the disastrous but fun live-stream)

January became a month of teasing Vlare 2.0, Mel done a steam playing Minecraft, Man Standing (a game I donated to Mel) and a survival game which I can’t remember the name of. He also created the meme game of 5 Nights at Jans and started a meme where you have to click on the advertisements on VidLii. They also introduced a Vlare Patreon which I have been a member since day one. I also became a partner on Vlare on this month so that’s good.

February, 2020 (nothing really happened)

February didn’t really had anything happening other then the odd maintenance.

March, 2020 (Tunna, Frost Drama, Discord privated and Mel leaving the alt video community)

March was a really bad month for Vlare. There was drama left, right and centre. It started off when Mel said something which was his opinion on frost which ended up making a massive war on the Vlare discord which ended up with Mel leaving the alternative video scene altogether. People also found out that Vlare 2.0 was cancelled which stirred up the drama more and Tuuni came along. Tuuni is a social media site which was founded out that they brought a html script and pretty much lied about every feature of Tuuni. Other then that, Vlare wasn’t in a good state.

April, 2020 (cloud flare shooting its foot)

April became an average month on Vlare. There was a few new members joining plus you can now get verified on Vlare which is only exclusive to popular creators or moderators.

May, 2020 (The future is with the community)
I can’t wait for what’s coming this month. I know there will be more content good or bad but there might me new stuff added to the site this month. Time will tell.

I rate this year a 8/10, there was a few highs and a few lows. I loved every single moment though.

Thank you for reading this blog. I was about to make a video on it but I am busy finishing my album and building a PC. Love and respect, sks✊
Apr 12, 2020

Hello again. Yes instead of making a video like the trending people, I think it’s better to write it in a blog instead of making a video which it is just the amen break stuck at 138 bpm, looped with text on the screen which will just be more filler on the vlare server. So instead of having a video on there which would take up 26mb or so, I rather use this.

Why will Vlare succeed, even if it becomes a wasteland of memes and tat?

Well, there is a lot of reasons why Vlare will succeed. For starters, Jan, the owner of Vlare also owns VidLii which still gets money from Google’s Adsense. When Vlare was in its coding phase most of the money from VidLii plus most of the money from Jans pockets went into coding the site which ended up becoming what we use today. Think about it like this, if everyone in the VidLii server at the time didn’t said to Jän to make “modern VidLii” into its own separate entity, it would become a theme on VidLii which honestly, that kinda sounds bad.
also, another reason why Vlare will succeed is because of the community. Yes we do have the trolls and the toxic side but that isn’t what Vlare is aswell. Vlare has a lot of different videos other then the drama video of someone saying that Tuuni ate their tuna or some stupid meme which someone made using Kinemaster which makes a 2010 meme more funnier then the finished result. There is a large Array of gaming, music and entertainment on the site other then the stupid stuff that is on the trending page. Also, to all of the people who say that there is not a lot of good content on Vlare, try to promote the site heavily so the users you want might join the site. You don’t know, if a big youtuber gets terminated because they told someone on YouTube that one of the YouTuber’s got a massive forehead and their boyfriend is a simp, just tell them about the site. The more we tell people about the site, the more people will join. That is how YouTube started and before Google had their hands on YouTube, they actually made their own video sharing site called Google Videos which now it’s just a portal to any video linked to they keyword.
the final reason why Vlare will succeed is because Jän owns it. Jan is known in the alt video community for years, From VidBit to VidLii to BitView to Vlare, Jan also said that he will keep his sites open just to annoy the people who kept on saying that one of his sites will close down which is what i support Jan on. Not only Jan codes on VidLii, BitView and Vlare he also has a job and runs a Minecraft channel. So the more your saying that “Vlare will not succeed” the more jan will keep up the sites.
thank you for reading this blog.
love and respect

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hello are you active here?
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@sks2002 have you deen my newest video?
@BrandonWasHere yeah, I found it funny
I am moderately ok with your music
Hey sksksksksksksksksk2002
Wow! A partner! Congrats! Does it pay well so far? Or do you have to wait for that mega flood of users? Lol
The only monetisation I get from being a partner is via donations. If someone does donate to me, I got to wait for the $5 Minimum payout but I put mine on a lower price so no one pays too much to me. I’m planning on giving 25% of it to charity if I got some donations.
Jay Mocked
Jay Mocked·
music to vlore to
really cool!
i hate your music
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@_Jay_ Hold my beer
@sks2002 hopefully you did not think too much about that.
sks2002 Music!!!!!
 Music Nerd
Music Nerd·
@sks2002 Sorry I'm Music YouTube sks2002 VidLii videos?
I like your music
Thank you.
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