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KILR Television
KILR Television·
The KILR Empire is growing! I've got more variety of gaming videos coming to this channel, plus I'm debating on doing some news for Gaming & Entertainment. Let me know what you think about that. Tons of more gaming videos are over on my YouTube Channel, which has a different theme every day. I've got Twitch streams nearly every day, and I also have a Patreon account set up if you'd like to support me and get some goodies in return. All links to my social media sites can be found in the channel banner here, except for Snapchat. There's a link to that from my Twitch page. My goal is to provide family fun entertainment where you can relax, enjoy, and get away from the rigors of everyday life. No identity politics or agendas unlike the garbage you see coming from Hollywood -- just clean, pure fun. Be a part of the KILR Kommunity, help us grow, and help shape the channel into the type of entertainment you'd like to see!
KILR Television
About KILR Television
Welcome to KILR Television - a channel with fun, family-friendly entertainment. You'll get to watch some fun Minecraft videos, original music videos, Flight Simulator adventures, and more!
Von Shep aka. The KILR Gamer
Signed Up
Nov 25, 2019
Last Login
Mar 17, 2020
United States
Wheel of Time, LOTR, Dragonriders of Pern, Percy Jackson, Star Wars, Star Trek
Minecraft, Flight Simulator, Music Composition, gaming, video production
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superhero
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