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Lately,I have been taking Pixlr elements/overlays,and turning them into abr brushes to be used in Photopea(Tutorial for that one coming soon.) as well as making my very first post in Pixlr,but how do I feel about both of these apps.

Well,here is a summary on who I like the best in each category I feel is important when it comes to making my posts,and such.
                        Photopea VS Pixlr Who's The Winner?

1. Stock/clip art photos-Pixlr
2. Different types of fonts - Photopea
3. Different types of brushes,and flexibility with them:
Close call, but Photopea
4.Different types of gradients,and flexibility with them:
Again,close call,but Pixlr
5. Filter gallery - Photopea,but not by much
6. The ability to cut out objects - Photopea(For now)
7. Bevel and emboss - Photopea
8. Blur,and Gaussian blur-Photopea
9. Glitch/lenticular effects-Pixlr
10. Highlights,and shadows-Pixlr
11.Blending colors together/marbling them-Pixlr
12. Blotch/spot removal- Again,close call-Pixlr 
13. Flexibility to apply patterns,and textures to objects-Photopea

Overall,the best free graphic app so far to me is still Photopea with Gimp/Pixlr being my second favorite.

This is why I am taking a lot of Pixlr pictures,and turning them into brushes/patterns because you have more flexibility,and options in Photopea than Pixlr.

I hope this helps in your graphic art making.thumbsup.1def0.png    


With the uploader giving me problems on here,I have decided to have an alternative place for ArtsyLdyRae,as well. ArtsyLdyRae of All Trades is now ArtsyRaeOfAllTrades on Vidlii. You can catch my videos there if they don't make it onto here.

I will keep this channel(Along with my other channel) on here as long as possible,but if it continues to where I can't put any of my videos on here,I will probably have to say goodbye to Vlare even though I don't want to do it. 

I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks. 


I just wanted to come on here to let everybody know that my two tutorials videos are finally up. I figured out the reason why my videos would always get stuck at a certain percentage when I would upload them. It is because according to the uploader,my video files were too large for the uploader to process them,so I had to cut them both down significantly. One of them by half,but anyways they are here,so check them out. Thanks.   

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Hello,everybody. My name is Rae,and I love art.
On this channel, you will find all sorts of wonderful things dealing with art.

There will be tutorials on computer graphic art(Which I am currently into right now) using Gimp,Photopea, and etc. Also, there will be project shares I've made that were inspired by other YouTubers as well as Pinterest,and from my childhood.

So stick around,enjoy the ride,and.... CREATE!
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