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I had no idea a gif I would make would be considered controversial on here.🤷‍♀️ It isn't even tirdy. I guessing maybe it is the title of the blog that is raising eyebrows. I don't know.

All I have to say is...I have officially arrived!😁🤦‍♀️ 



Trying out a new gif I made using Photopea and Giphy. There may be a future tutorial for this one right here.


49664559956_28e1ee8502_z.jpg" />

I thought this poster is rather fitting for the moment,don't you. Anyways,as the title says,I'm alright(Knock on wood.) The only time I've been out is to the grocery stores,and to a video/book store because frankly I'm getting tired of being cooped up in this house regardless of a damn virus. 

The poster I created is nothing really new. This is just a take on the Keep Calm meme only with a little twist,and I don't mean with a lime. Get it. I know bad joke,oh well. Anyways,I made it using Photopea along with the illustration of that hand sanitizer,and the toilet paper roll. I'll probably do a video in the future,and post it on my vlare channel on how to make your own brush abrs using Photopea,but not at this time. Currently,it looks like Vlare is getting hit with its own little problem,so I will just wait patiently until it clears itself up.

In the meantime,take care and be safe. 😘

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Hello,everybody. My name is Rae,and I love art.
On this channel, you will find all sorts of wonderful things dealing with art.

There will be tutorials on computer graphic art(Which I am currently into right now) using Gimp,Photopea, and etc. Also, there will be project shares I've made that were inspired by other YouTubers as well as Pinterest,and from my childhood.

So stick around,enjoy the ride,and.... CREATE!
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