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Win Miranda
Win Miranda
Jun 26, 2020

2020-06-25 21:37:22 (20200626 02:37:22 UTC)

The issue with the increased risk of obtaining computer viruses on a district-issued device (desktop computer, laptop, all-in-one, tablet) has worsened since 2018 and it is still a major issue for most cyber security groups/advocates. There is actually a higher risk of obtaining a malicious file over a device with no protection (anti-virus, firewall) than over a device with maximum operable protection.

This continues to put a lot of information from students, instructors, information technology staff members, and guests (visitors) appointed to Shelby County Schools in extreme danger. Even worse: there is no recovery plan in case the data does become breached. This is especially true when using a popular computer operating system (such as Microsoft Windows). This became harsh to the point in which the district itself implemented a content filtering policy (which only prevents some attacks from initiating, but not stop the attacks when they are initiated).

There must be a change in order to keep all of the data safe without sacrificing efficiency. We all must switch to an operating system that has a higher defense against the malicious attacks that we encounter every day.

There must be order in our district. There must be a recovery plan in case the data becomes compromised. There must be no operating system enslavement.

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Win Miranda
Win Miranda·
This is a sad day; Win Vista has quit on us...
Win Miranda
Win Miranda·
Hello there. It is the 1-and-only Win Miranda.
Win Miranda
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