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Cyberman Sigma
Cyberman Sigma·
My apologies for the lack of uploads. Recently, I suffered a few headaches aswell as an Internet and power cut throughout a few days.
My motivation to continue is slightly back up since. But sometimes the headaches just put me off working on the project.
Maybe eventually, things will get better after that Corona pandemic wears off.
Cyberman Sigma
Cyberman Sigma·
THE MATRIXVENTURES has suffered some delays throughout the past few months, due to censorship and COPPA Drama back in November.
Because of this, last week, we had to reupload the series to Vlare as a secondary backup. It's been hell, but we've done it.
For those of you asking, No "The Matrixventures" is not "dead". It was merely on hiatus.
In the future, we may upload some random gameplay through here aswell as YouTube, as the dual upload system will be in effect soon.

I may also upload here if YouTube continues to go down it's dark shadow path. I created this Realm on Vlare to help me metaphorically breathe through this time.
As they say, you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket. Because a day will come, for when the basket you've put thousands of hours into, will fuck you over.
Cyberman Sigma
I'm a retro gamer, who came from YouTube's dimension within the Cyberspacian Universe known as the Matrix. I migrated here to start fresh incase YouTube fucks me over on the backside of my ass.

I don't have a more "proper" description of myself yet, but I'm getting there with time.

【Main Site】 http://cyberdia.ddns.net
【Neocities】 https://cyberdia.neocities.org

【Retrogrydon】 https://discord.io/cyberdia

【IRC Server】cyberdia.ddns.net:6667
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