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so the annoying person named maymay has been banned banned...good. My god I don't get what their deal was, copying and pasting everyone's comments as if it was an "insult" or a dumb way to troll. Seriously this person had NO better hobbies or things to do with their lives then go online and troll people that no one would like. They must be like 8-12 years old if they didn't think for five seconds that wouldn't get them banned since no one likes that kind of troll.
If anything people like them need to find a real hobby, stop pestering others and stop trying to act "clever" when it's really not.
Repeating something by posting someone else's comments isn't something I've seen since 2010.
I know the videos here are old like 2010 era, but I didn't think some of the people were.

You know i wanted to give this place praise seeing how it's been around for so long and what not and gave creators a chance, but now I really do see that this place is just a 2010 wannabe era of people reposts of old things and people sometimes harassing each other in the stupidest form. And as if we couldn't delete or block their arses and wasted their time commenting.

This is why I was thinking of going to BitChute if anything, probably more in the summer months and see how that goes seeing how it's ALL original content and not re-uploads of things people don't care for. Then again a lot of people seem to be migrating over there regardless.
And they even pay you over there as well unlike here.

Well I had my hopes with Vlare, but now I see it's just a shitposting website where nothing is taken seriously.
Personally sure, have your shitposting website but don't make the slogan "Ignite your creativity" when hardly anything and I mean HARDLY anything is really creative around here.....it's old videos I've seen from years ago that don't even matter anymore...

So BitChute it is then, hopefully possibly it'll go better for me over there.
I'll still come here from time-to-time but really I think I just wasted a huge amount of time in this place.
So...for some reason I can't post anything...it just brings me back to the homepage....anyone know why exactly?
I'm starting to get the impression that people prefer animation over comics....how sad....
For some reason it "amuses" me to see that Vlare is practically Youtube back in 2008-2010
where it's all just shit posts and poorly edited things
and in the bowels of it all you'll find those golden videos that were actually taken time to edit and yet they receive less views then the ones currently.
so...what I'm taken in by is that people want....stupid lol.
As cool as this place is, I wish they had like a "New/New uploaded" tab in the home section that way you can see who uploaded recently and what not since I keep seeing the same old same old over and over again.
Would be neat to see something "new" being posted. Would be a neat little section to have. Unless there is and I just don't see it lol.
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@Jaded Ace {The Melted Face}
I've heard from some people it was made back in 2015 :/ *shrugs* idk..could be wrong. I just go by what some people say. Could've been. And if that's the case it got a good tracking so far for only a year ago.
Jaded Ace {The Melted Face}
@AnimeXtremex market shift can be deemed responsible for all that
I'm new here, thanks to YouTube/COPPA even though I do realize COPPA isn't 100% the true villian seeing how all website's have to comply with COPPA and YouTube literally lying to them and us about it; but over time I'm not sure how long my YouTube channel will last. So this is my little alternative site.
I make comics and animations.
Also, I won't be uploading anything until 2020. I'm just preparing for right now. So it may be slow this month but next month old to new videos will appear over time. Old first then new. And in the mean time while they are since obviously can't spam so I figured 2 videos a day thing, I can work on other projects and have even more to show.
This place seems really cool, and I can't wait to share everything with everyone.
Welcome to Vlare and oooh! Another animator! I'm just as eager to be an animator myself especially with the fact that I grew up with the medium myself! I bid you the best!
Aww thank you. Happy to be here :3
And well animator/comic maker. More comics than animations since faster to make lol. I've been learning slowly of animations the last 2 or so years so I'm still learning but each animation I'm getting better at it! I can't wait to show off my stuff to make people smile here too like I do on YouTube ^^

Oh? Yeah it's a fun medium to get into! A tad tedious sure, but once you understand it actually get's really fun to watch it come to life. I say if you have the talent/ability go all out! Go for the dream ^^

And thank you, and I wish you the best on your animation goals as well :3 never give up on your dreams!
About AnimeXtremex
My goal in life is to be a cartoonist/animator. I want to make cartoons for everyone to enjoy not just kids but all to love. I have so many ideas too, that I'm just dying to make and share with everyone.

I also wish to learn a few other things in my life. Such as being a part time Game Dev (I want to make my own game of my own characters soon.), Musician (I love music), and even learn a little bit of voice acting if I can.

I want to be an entertainer for all.
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Dec 02, 2019
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Just a gal on a mission to make my dreams come true.
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