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So, I'm just going to delete Vlare.
This place is broken I can't even upload anything.
Probably go somewhere else. Somewhere better at least.
I had hopes in Vlare, seeing how I was hoping to use it as a back up place, but I can't even do that so---
It's fine. The videos here are all like 2010 standards anyway.
And not like I have a large following.
I guess it was fun while it lasted?
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Go kill yourself for defending JoshtheJosher also known as Hitler 2.0
PFff okay I'mma end myself right now cause you told me to right?
Just for an opinion.

Can I ask you something, I never got the opportunity to ever ask a far left/SJW something---

is maturing not in your book? Is growing up not a word in your dictionary?
Why for years past that he even said in his video that he acknowledges what he said was wrong, he knows better now not to say it again.
Why isn't he allowed to apologize and grow from past mistakes? Why isn't one allowed to know their faults and be and become a better person and outright just punished for their actions even though just speaking of an opinion and not pulling said action like the girl did.
Now if it were the girl, I can understand. I would be hating on her too seeing how I don't care if Youtube demontizes you, you don't shoot up the place

We all say dumb things, why are you guys acting like we're supposed to be 100% perfect?
Why do you believe that no one can make a mistake which is part of humanity to do so? We aren't perfect
and never will be.
Why are you people so quick to cancel someone for something that happened years ago and don't matter in times like these?
If it happened NOW yes I'd be upset with him, BUT I'd hear him out too because I'm not far right I'm not far left, and I"M NOT FOR CANCEL CULTURE

And how is it mature...for you to say go kill yourself, when you are basically ruining lives as we speak?
That just for one accident, one mistake of a video that can be deleted, and he apologized
were are your morals? Where is your maturity to be like "Okay, well you understand what you did was wrong, I'll forgive you"

Life is too damn short to complain about every single thing that a person does in their life
seriously, is this what you do all day every day? Just complain and hope for the life of yourself that you cancel someone's life
in turn can horribly ruin said person's life and have those sins on your shoulder. Are you REALLY okay with that?

I swear there's no morality left in people is there....?
Then again I guess perhaps I shouldn't have asked
you people are so set out to purge the internet of everyone with a different opinion then your own then you are to be in the middle and forgive past actions
you're too quick to get rid, then forgive
you're too quick to cancel then mature and let go and leave people alone
you're too quick to hate then care

I get we're all in a pandemic
but let me remind you of something simple

life is way too damn short to care about what people did 5-10 or even 15 years ago....
we can ALL die tomorrow and then what? What would it matter?
It wouldn't.
None of this would
why not just enjoy your life, then try to make it difficult for others
cause you're doing no one a favor; you're the type that people I hear all over youtube hate on, you're the type no one wants to be around

you're too self centered then you are open minded and to be mature enough to not say hateful things to others

why not look at your own sins before looking at anothers
but perhaps that's asking for too much

but I have things to do and I rather not continue this.
So why not pretend I killed myself, and then be happy of that thought yeah?
I sent out an email begging Vlare to really look into their uploader problem and even acknowledge and tell others of this problem; hopefully I get positive feed back
If the uploader issue isn't fixed soon, I'm cutting well not really loses seeing how I wasn't on here long enough to lose anything;
but I won't be here considering I'll just delete my channels seeing how there's no point into being on a website that I can't upload on
which is getting to be ridiculous cause I never had these issues.

Such a disappointment too, but perhaps this is why big youtubers aren't on here either; Vlare has A LONG way to go before they make any kind of reputation
seeing how many problems I've been facing on here, even a 404 or 532 or 543 issue or whatever the hell it is almost every day and their sever isn't
always around. That's not how you build a website.

so if nothing is done, I'm gone.
Cut my loses and deleted my bitchute account
If they don't care why should I? If they're not even gonna respond to me and it's been almost a week now!
If I can be insta-banned for a dumb reason---then there's no reason to go back

as said, some places and websites just don't cater to my type of genre. As I tried telling one person before on here---just because you sign up doesn't mean you're always allowed.
I just wasted a damn month on that bloody website...
how fun....I'm blocked on BitChute and I'm unable to upload videos on here cause the damn uploader for some reason just doesn't work for me....fun....what a year...
Of course only I seem to be having a problem with the uploader that it won't go up in percentage....that when reporting this issue the team had told me that I was the only one who reported said issue and no one else had this problem as far as they knew. But if someone did, I'd imagine they'd speak up about it at least. I'd hope at least.
Kind of disappointing....I have videos I want to post and I can't even do that....
How am I the only one always stuck with these problems....?!
Well it WAS fun to upload things, now it's more a viewing website huh?
I heard that they were making a whole new uploader and I get it---small group of people, it's a thing---the only thing I worry really now is knowing so many people like me are backed up with content to upload, I hope it doesn't override the server and then it'll be out of commission again. Cause that's a thing that can happen depending on ho w good or bad the uploader is.

Such a shame too, I have new content to show off but then again I guess everyone has something to show off on here and now everyone's backed up on it.
It's gonna be a crazy day when the uploader is actually available again.
Lucky this place isn't as big as youtube or they'd be screwed right now.
so after lookin on Vlare's twitter and someone commenting to people apparently they're remaking the whole uploader so it'll function better...I'm not sure why not tweak it but this should be interesting if they're remaking the entire uploader. I wonder if anything will be different.
So it's been about 9 days that no one can upload...this isn't a very good look on Vlare if they can do maintenance on the entire site, yet....YET the uploader takes how long by itself?
I do understand that they're a small staff but it shouldn't take this long, unless something must be really screwed up on the uploader...
I'm not familiar with coding, and sure there could be technical difficulties, however, even 2 people should be able to fix an uploader since it's not even close to as complicated as Youtube's uploader.
About AnimeXtremex
My goal in life is to be a cartoonist/animator. I want to make cartoons for everyone to enjoy not just kids but all to love. I have so many ideas too, that I'm just dying to make and share with everyone.

I also wish to learn a few other things in my life. Such as being a part time Game Dev (I want to make my own game of my own characters soon.), Musician (I love music), and even learn a little bit of voice acting if I can.

I want to be an entertainer for all.
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Dec 02, 2019
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Just a gal on a mission to make my dreams come true.
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