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For those of us migrating from YouTube, and particularly those who create a lot of original content and / or derivative works which are in excess of 45 mins -- if we want that content here, we're going to have to start splicing that content into Part 01, Part 02, etc. I've started that process and I'm going to be doing it slowly and pending some massive computer upgrades, yes it will take me a small eternity. I think it might be worth it, though.

I am using an extreme cool video editing software called Kdenlive, which currently has versions for Linux and Microsoft Windows (personally, I use Linux Mint versions varying from v18.0 up to v19.1). Many people are making their exodus away from Microsoft Windows over to Linux for similar reasons why people are migrating away from the main stream over to alternatives.

If you wish to check out the software, you may do so here: https://kdenlive.org/en/

If you wish to check out Linux Mint, you may do so here: https://linuxmint.com/

Both are free, as in they cost $0.

Sorry MAC OSX users, but on the bright side: at least you're not running Windows.


The VLARE Discord Server requires phone number verification through texting in order to be able to use the Discord server at all. Sadly, this system does not recognize my number as a valid number. The truth is that it is a valid number and I use it for these types of validations all the time, for things like online bill paying and such. 

Of course I understand that VLARE itself has no control over how Discord codes things, or how well those things work, or not. But if VLARE does not have any other means for people to join the Discord Server, then the reality simply is that myself and anyone else who similarly encounters this error, will not be allowed to participate on the VLARE Discord Server. Simple as that.

So if anyone else gets this same error, thats simply just how it rolls. 


This is my first VLARE Blog post, so I figured this topic would be appropriate. I already have this post on my deviantART Profile so I'm simply going to link you over to that. I do however look forward to learning a bit more about how the VLARE Blog system works, and learning to get better with using it.

For now however, enjoy:  https://www.deviantart.com/paradigm-shifting/journal/article-If-YOUTUBE-IS-OVER-What-Now-823573769

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PSECmedia: PSEC and Pondscape
So all videos on VLARE (as of the date this comment was posted) have a message that says "Video Files couldn't be found". I hope that is extremely temporary.
I agree with you
PSECmedia: PSEC and Pondscape
I'll be uploading more as I can. Maybe I'll even take some of my longer videos and break them up into 45 min chunks, but no promises :)
PSECmedia: PSEC and Pondscape
About PSECmedia: PSEC and Pondscape
BECAUSE OF THE 45 MIN VIDEO LENGTH LIMIT HERE, there is much of our content we won't be able to upload here. For that stuff, you can find it through this profile on the left hand side of the page: https://www.minds.com/psecdocumentary/

As for the stuff we have that is under 45 mins, we'll do our best to select only that which is the most interesting and entertaining. So for now, VLARE can act as a "for select content only" section for PSECmedia.

Anyways, as for what we are --

Documentary, Live Streams, Commentary and more! A mix of satire comedy and seriousness to assist in helping humanity in steering its course away from the Collective Stockholm Syndrome that it has been addicted to for countless thousands of years. We're not everyone's cup of tea but if we've helped you retain any of your remaining sanity -- we are grateful!

Believe nothing. Disbelieve nothing. Observe, make up your own mind and think critically. We are here to present perspectives for discussion, not hop on any band wagons. Therefore, this channel might inspire you, offend you or a little bit of both.
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