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Hyena Edits
Hyena Edits
Feb 15, 2020

There's been a lot of negativity lately so I'm thinking of starting a video series that will highlight some of the positive things about this community. Because my main area of interest is AMVs and animations, that is what I would be talking about. I wouldn't really rank videos because that's not how my brain works, I'd just pick a few videos every week or so and talk about what makes them great.
Would anybody be interested in something like this? If you think this is a good idea (or the worst idea ever) let me know!

Hyena Edits
Hyena Edits
Dec 30, 2019

I might not post any new videos for a while. I'll reupload some of my old videos to try to stay semi-active but I haven't been able to even think of editing another video.
Lately everything I do seems like a chore, even things I used to love doing. Work and family obligations are taking up all my time and energy.
I've been through times like this before and I haven't given up yet. I just need time to recharge but I'm not sure when that will be.

Hyena Edits
Hyena Edits
Dec 02, 2019

This topic is probably gonna come up multiple times so I might as well write it out in a blog post rather than having to keep repeating myself.

Cringe culture is far more annoying than any of the communities being mocked.

The whole thing is just repackaged bullying that should have been left behind in middle school.

All it's doing is spreading more negativity in an already-negative world.

The people who make "bad" or "weird" art/animation/fanfiction are putting their heart and soul into creating something they care deeply about. Even if I don't personally care about it, it's still really cool to see that passion shine through.

On the other hand, channeling that passion towards tearing down a completely harmless thing you don't like is kind of sad.

We have limited time on this world. Use it wisely.

I know this isn't going to change any minds. I'm not even entirely sure why I'm posting it. Just putting in my two cents I guess, for whatever that's worth.

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Hyena Edits
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I mainly make AMVs but I also play video games and do the occasional vlog or other project.
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