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Hello my angels <3

First I would like to say thank you for checking out my channel!

Second, I would like to make you guys aware that I won't be posting any of my old videos from my youtube channel. 

The whole purpose of this channel is to start anew. 

What I plan to do is post my newest MAP/CAP parts here first before I then post them onto youtube, but I won't do that till I have edited a channel trailer. I don't know when that'll be because work has me tied up right now, it being the holiday season and all.

I'd like this channel to look more organised than my youtube channel does currently (now that I more or less have an understanding on how to edit videos and how I want my channel to look).

Thank you guys for your patience and your support.


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Angel Dragon Animations
Angel Dragon Animations·
New channel, new start!
Angel Dragon Animations
About Angel Dragon Animations
New channel, new start!

I'll be posting; MAP/CAP parts, PMVs, AMVs, Animation memes, Speedpaints and episodes of my own animated series.

I am 21 years old and I live in the UK.

I am teaching myself how to animate so they're not going to be perfect or flawless.
I am still learning how to animate and I am still improving.

Programs I use;
Paint Tool Sai - For Drawing
Toon Boom - For Animating
Clip Studio Paint - Sometimes for both
Flimora - For Editing
OBS - For Streaming
Hypercam 2 - For Screen Recording
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Nov 22, 2019
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United Kingdom
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