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Deck of Souls
Deck of SoulsΒ·
@Deck of Souls i'm just commenting by \[.~.]/
Deck of Souls
Deck of SoulsΒ·
alright yall!! I got all the videos i want ported over scheduled! My last video before its new content will be posted on December 23rd and I have a video going up about every other day.
For all my fellow animators I hope you might consider joining the maps ill be posting!!
Deck of Souls
Deck of SoulsΒ·
So far i have my videos lined up to have 2 posted per week! That could be changed as I want to be finished with the reposts before Christmas so I can have a holiday video and post some of my other planned videos with my new content.
I have not finished scheduling all the video's i wish to see reposted here, but i will finish soon and I will also be posting a welcome video for this channel!
thanks for being patient and sticking around <3
and I love y'all for already getting me to 14 followers in just a few hours :')
Deck of Souls
Deck of SoulsΒ·
Welcome to my Vlare channel! I will be posting a welcome video soon so new folks get an idea about what I'm all about!
If you are a subscriber from YouTube, welcome back and thank you for your everlasting support! You followed me over here from another platform! That's wild.

Anywho, after the welcome video goes up a lot of my content will be re-posts from YouTube, for videos I don't want to lose in case my account goes down over there, and also so hopefully more people can finally see them!
In about a month once I have run through all my old content I will start to upload the animation and other content I have been working on for a while!
Now that I have moved out into my own place working on art will be a lot easier! Especially since my travel time to and from my job has been shortened.

Thanks for sticking around!! Love you all so much <3
Deck of Souls
About Deck of Souls
Animator moving my way over from YouTube c:

πŸ’– Nova | Agender they-them | Homoromantic - asexual | 19 | US | Taken |πŸ’–

Commissions: OPEN!

Icon by: https://twitter.com/chaiharvest
Ft. my significant other!!

Background image by: MY SON REAGEN
Ft. my significant other!!
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Nov 25, 2019
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Jan 04, 2020
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I am a very simple human,with very simple needs! I love hyena's, and stories. Animated stories, books, video games, im all about it!! Nerd ftw!! I love my partner Hugh with all my heart, with their support i feel like I can accomplish anything
Warriors, Wings of Fire, A Darker Shade of Magic, Of Fire And Stars and its squeal Of Ice And Shadows, DUNE, game of thrones
2D animation alongside digital art/painting. I do also dabble in physical painting and ink work.
Mostly I listen to indie music and alternitive rock but im down to hear mostly anything!!
I recently left Barnes and Nobles to become a full time artist!
I dropped out of CCAD
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