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Sep 15, 1997
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Key & Garnet Studio
Key & Garnet Studio
Mar 03, 2020

In case our last video didn't make much sense we (Key and Liquid Garnet) are heading off to a place where Internet isn't the most reliable thing. That place being the open ocean so we can be with our family over the US spring break. We plan to post new content as soon as we reach solid ground and achieve a stable Internet access once again. Both of us have a few new videos in the works as well as a plan to complete our current Princess Maker let's play, Garnet in particular has been mulling over her own blog post and potential community idea.

Though they'll be saved respectively for that particular post when and if it arrives.
We may be able to respond to posts and comments of our circumstances allow the way most of me cannot guarantee and upload for the next week or so.
We hope you all understand and that can pick up where we left off when we return.
Key & Garnet Studio
Key & Garnet Studio
Nov 30, 2019

Hello everyone,

I am Liquid Garnet (or AJ) the older sibling and channel manager of Key and Garnet studio. We are two siblings with varying creative interest that first went to YouTube as a hobby to play around with as well is to show off our interests. However due to YouTube's crowded nature in the last couple weeks involving changes of policy that might affect smaller channels that never intended to make money, we searched for a new platform that focused more on community.

That is why we have set up a channel here on this site!

To start off first unless were 200% certain videos will be lost due to changes coming this January we have no intention of re-uploading previously made videos onto the site. Even if we don't lose any videos and our channels are not harmed in YouTube's major upcoming update we still plan to make original videos that are only meant to be uploaded to Vlare dot TV. After all we moved to the site for its welcoming and active community that will allow us to get much needed feedback  on our videos and other interests that we might post here. Both my sister and I have very different interests from each other and we want to work hard to improve our skills and our respective interests to make content that will not just make us and our viewers proud but eventually create a project that is irreplaceable in our hearts.

The following part of this blog will be a brief summary of each of our interests and how it might affect the upcoming content on her channel.

Liquid Garnet, the older sister, and channel/content manager:
  1. Enjoys writing fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi. Preferably escapist type of literature with an emphasis of exploring and experiencing fantastical worlds.
  2. Enjoys playing video games and previously she has done and let's plays to the point of repeating play through's.
  3. Dabbles in traditional arts such as pencil and paper drawings of OC's from existing products as well as scenery concepts for her own original works. She has currently completed a drawing course at her local community college to learn the basics of charcoal sketches.
  4. Loves to learn things at nauseaum about the following topics: Art, Animtion, Fiction Writing, Media's Effect on the Human Mind, Pop-Culture Communities As Well As the Business Strategies Surrounding Companies That Perpetuate Pop-Culture, Theme Parks and Themepark Innovations and lastly General Storytelling Techniques.
  5. She also takes it upon herself to shout out and gush about niche interests that inspire her or she feels are underappreciated.
Key-Chan , younger sister, and cohost:
  1. Enjoys being comfortable above all else.
  2. Has a great interest in digital art and will draw digital art of her OCs and characters from video games comics and cartoons that interest her.
  3. Enjoys playing video games and free to play computer games at her own leisure.
  4. Watches a wide variety of Internet videos, anime, and other TV shows often repeating her favorite series several times before moving to a new one.
  5. Enjoys making narratively driven and music videos using the dress-up app Gacha life as a method of making animation/animatics.
  6. As a great deal of interest in making animations but is easily discouraged when pursuing a project.
  7. Has a joyful attitude and will often mimic her favorite Internet personalities and their sense of humor to find her own style in the digital space.

We plan to have a proper first video/introduction in the coming weeks. In which will show a little bit more of our personality as well as potential plans for content we'd like to create.

Key and I are so excited to start on this journey and hopefully will find our place here on this site where YouTube and other sites made us feel isolated.
Thanks for reading,
Liquid Garnet of Key and Garnet Studio

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The Death Spinner Has Chosen you to be in its game.
you are a geniune human person :), and doesnt think that vlare is over thank u.
Key & Garnet Studio
Key & Garnet Studio·
It's not over long as genuine Creators don't leave the platform , let's keep the community strong. :-)
@Key & Garnet Studio yes
Thanks for follow!
Key & Garnet Studio
Key & Garnet Studio·
WOW! Transfer complete, hello Vlare!
Key & Garnet Studio
About Key & Garnet Studio
Key and Garnet Studios is a joint channel of the sisters Key-Chan and Liquid Garnet. Content might range from arts to gaming to narrations for written works or whatever we might feel like. We hope that you can say for a while and and enjoy the content that are very different personalities will bring you.
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Nov 27, 2019
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Jun 19, 2020
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