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Only Sahow
Only Sahow·
I completely forgot about this site LOL, and it seems everyone else also did
Only Sahow
Only Sahow·
HEY, you bothered to scroll down to the comments section! That means that you actually care about this channel!!1

Well, I don't. My HDD got corrupted so I'm unable to continue with more Persono. Now go watch your shitty content provided by people even less talented than a argentinian english let's player, you pleb.
Only Sahow
Only Sahow·
Why even bother uploading, you're not going to gain views unless you include the website's name on the title LMAO
Only Sahow
Leader of the Thot Patrol
This is just a channel in which I play shitty games so you don't have to.

New uploads weekly (or not, the amount of Let's Players on the site will make up for any absences i have LOL)
Pablo, or "spanish user", as labeled once by someone on the now defunct Vlare discord
Signed Up
Dec 29, 2019
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11 hours ago
On my way to become a Voice Actor
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