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Grin Brothers
Grin Brothers
Jul 07, 2020

Greetings folks, Souldin of the Grin Brothers here with my very first Blog Post on this site. I'm still trying to get to grips with things on this site and figure out everything but I figured it would be polite to do an introductory post and deliver a rough layout for the channel plans.

So the Grin Brothers channel is a let's play gaming channel run by myself (Souldin) and my brother, Raphaham. We make various video game related content either together or separately, ranging from playthroughs, versus matches, discussions, reviews, and more. You can find out more about us and the channel by clicking on our first two videos on this site: Grin Brothers on Vlare and Introductions! - Tea Time.

As for our plans on Vlare, whilst some of it is up in the air and based on how things work out for this newly made channel throughout 2020, our more immediate plans involve uploading at least one video every week until sometime in December (we take a break around Christmas time). Sometimes you'll see two videos per week, but typically it'll be one video uploaded on Thursday (UK time) and said video will likely be Vlare exclusive. Only a few of our videos will be available elsewhere as otherwise the content put up on this channel will have been specifically made for this channel.

I've had fun so far on Vlare going through the wealth of great pre-existing videos and keeping up to date with the fantastic videos being uploaded each day and I hope to continue doing so. It'll take me some time to get through the backlog but by the end of it I feel I'm sure to have added many works to my Favourites and followed a good handful of you folks.

By the way, does anyone around here know how to make playlists? I haven't been able to figure that out so far.

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Welcome to Vlare. I hope you enjoy this site! :) How are you?
Grin Brothers
Grin Brothers·
Thank you for the welcome, TheVideoGamer64! I've so far been having a lot of fun with this site. There are still a few things I don't understand about it (such as how to make playlists or remove videos from my Quicklist after watching them) but overall I've been enjoying a lot of the features, designs and content of Vlare.

I'm generally good then, and how about you? I'm quite surprised to receive a Friend Request from someone whose video's I haven't commented on or vice-versa. I'll have to see about checking a video of yours out sometime.
@Grin Brothers No problem and I'm glad you're having fun with Vlare! I'm also glad you're doing good. I'm doing good and cool thanks. :)
Grin Brothers
About Grin Brothers
Welcome to the Grin Brother's channel; a gaming channel featuring let's plays, discussions, reviews of video games... and tea.
Souldin and Raphaham
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Jul 01, 2020
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